Honda commits to 2010 V4 Model production

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concept_6.jpgHonda has just announced that it will build a production model based on the V4 Concept. Sales will start “in the first half of 2010.” Underneath the crazy hubless wheels and bizarre headlight, the V4 Concept is a powerful superbike more focused on rider comfort and on-road ability than racetrack success. Hopefully, the 2010 Honda V4 will shed some of the current VFR’s boring practicality, gaining speed and involvement in the process.
Honda stated:

“The exciting news of the V4 production model is the result of
overwhelming response from customers, media and motorcycle dealers
across Europe following the debut of the V4 Concept Model at last
month’s Intermot show, where the world’s largest motorcycle
manufacturer chose ‘New Beginnings’ as its theme to celebrate Honda’s
60th anniversary as a company, 50th anniversary of racing and 30th
anniversary of the Honda’s iconic V4 engine configuration.

“Building on this theme at this week’s Milan Show, Honda highlighted the
next stage of the V4 story and looked forward to the next 60 years of
motorcycle production, with V4 technology forming a part of the
marque’s future direction in the coming few years, starting in just 18
months time with the introduction of the first V4 mass-production model
in the first half of 2010.”

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  • Ben

    Looks like I’m waiting till 2010. I really want a V-4, but there aren’t a ton of options out there. The current Interceptor doesn’t quite do it and the Vmax really isn’t my cuppa tea. C’mon, Honda… big money, no whammie!

  • Ben (The Other One)

    Hey Ben, don’t forget the new Aprilia. I’m not going to hold my breath on this Honda. “New Beginings,” ha. I wish their marketing department would stop doing focus groups, and stop brain storming catch phrases. If they would stop asking inane question, and just listen to what people talk about, and desire, perhaps something interesting would appear. This word spun product focus is sad.

  • Ben (The First One)

    Good point, I did forget about that option. If Aprilia makes a naked version (Tuono?) of the RSV4, I’ll be in line. Can’t say that I have the budget or stomach to strip down a standard RSV4, though.

  • Curtis

    I just wanna see those wheels on the freeway. I love wheels that are attached to solid parts on the frame! Is that some new molecular shifting neutrino powered plastic? It’d make great knobbies!

  • Dave

    Don’t worry. Honda will not fail to disappoint us. Come 2010 it will be very mediocre, overweight, overstyled and underpowered. Its the Honda way. I think they should change their slogan to “maybe next year”

  • dendron

    Hmm, those look suspiciously like ABS plastic wheels.

  • Ken

    Your man Dave is right. The engine will be a blinder but they’ll use it as a test-bed for some new four-letter acronym no one wants and there’ll be something overworked about the lines that you can’t quite put your finger on. And the headlight will be a stupid shape. 90s VFRs were perfect; they had everything you wanted, nothing you didn’t and they looked dead suave.

  • Dave

    It will be ridden onto the stage by Duke Nukem accompanied by a herd of wild Jackalopes.

    Seriously, I’ll believe it when I can go to the showroom and sit on it. And I’m not holding my breath on it being better than my 2000 VFR. I’ll take gear driven cams over VTec any day.

  • Russ

    Yeah, I have a ’99 VFR800FI bought new back in the UK. Moved to Seattle, needed a bike, tried a few but the only thing I wanted was another original VFR. I found a mint ’97 VFR750 from Salt Lake City, I’ve owned it now for 5 years. I am an Aerospace Design Engineer and these 2 bikes with their signature gear drive quad cams, v4 engine and single-sided pro-arm satisfy on every level.

    As an Engineer the current VFR with it’s redundant vtec system does nothing for me at all. Thank you Soichiro Honda for giving us these affordable wonderful bikes.

    The bean counters have already taken over at Honda and unfortunately the Honda mystique died at the same time Soichiro-San did. I hope the next 2010 VFR will revive it but, sadly, I think it has been lost…forever.


  • B May

    How much is it? If it’s a 18,000 machine, it’s not going to sell. Just like the dn4. Too pricy

  • David

    The pics in AMCN look pretty good with no stupid pipes or rediclous rear (VFR). The claimed power should be ok but as usual will drop a heap before it hits the rubber.
    If it is a bike for all rider (read not cruisers) then it may well be a winner. I have my doubts that it will be in any other class than the ZX14 & Busa. It is big and has a lot of power we hope.

    The big danger is the price point like most of Hondas high tech variables they force the price through the roof. Look at the MOTO GP the Honda tech drive caused the costs for all to sky rocket to a point where it is close to unviable to remain racing in this catagory. Even Honda are looking at pulling out if the WFC doesn’t improve.

    Lets hope it a top unit and doesn’t turn out to be a money pit, big V4s are costly to make.

    Never know I may buy another Honda after these may years if it is worthy.

  • Kieran

    There’s no dought that the VFR800 model before they went Vtec was the ducks guts! Great bike. Unfortunately Honda went with the Vtec that didn’t come across as good, not my cup of tea. If they stick with it lets just hope the 1200cc will make it get up and go. I prefur no Vtec just gear driven cams. It’s been a waiting game. Right now there’s not a bike I would trade too. Currant ride BMW R1200S. I am hoping this new VFR will be the one.

  • Kirk

    All I wanted was a XX with 100 more cc and a drive shaft. Maybe a biggger alt.and better cooling too.Oppps could I also have a power outlets and heated grips and a gear indicator would be nice. Oh what the hell throw in the adj. bars and seat too. Thanks
    Would it be to much to ask for cruise control?

  • Dan

    Too bad about the Vtec being continued. I just sold my 2004 VFR after getting the bill for valve check/adjustment, what a time consuming venture that is. Just bought a mint condition 1997 VFR and honestly feel it is a superior bike too my 2004 in many ways.

    I also think the cost of the 2010 will be prohibitive. With all the changes not sure why they call it a VFR, would probasbly be better off marketing it under a totally new name as I just can’t see die hard Viffers being interested in all the fluff and the wierd almost ugly look.

  • Babel Waters

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