Husqvarna SMQ looks like no supermoto before

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husqvarna smq (1).jpgDon’t you hate it when companies claim one of their bikes is “a completely new type of motorcycle?” That’s what Husqvarna is saying about the SMQ, but we’re guessing it just hasn’t figured out how to pull up pictures of a KTM 690 Duke in Google. Having said that, the SMQ is an incredibly well designed motorcycle.
Start with the details: the weird protrusion above the headlamp is
actually the radiator; look at the way the red valve cover emphasizes
the join in the x-shaped tubular steel frame; the single bar that
supports the exhaust, number plate and indicators; the shock adjuster
knob that mirrors the dinky little tail lamp; the Husqvarna logo
incorporated into the exhaust end cap; it’s all incredible.

Move on to the whole: the red, black and white color scheme is used
extremely well, the SMQ logo is neatly integrated; the white frame and
gold wheels accentuate the whole thing; the white undertail is
incredibly sexy; this thing Is just so cool.

Right now, this is a concept bike, which is a shame. But, the SMQ looks
very production ready and the company says it is considering building
it. Right now, the SMQ uses a 450cc single-cylinder engine borrowed
from its parent company BMW (the engine is actually produced for BMW in
Taiwan by Kymco), there’s a larger, 630cc powerplant rumored should the
machine reach production. We’re not sure if there’ll be a separate
model for each engine, or if Husqvarna will need to choose one. We’ll
take the 630.

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  • james

    This design make a Yamaha TW 200 look Fan-static. Unfortunately some of the designers from BMW have helped pen this mess. I would not ride this… any where. Maybe, after a nuclear attack I would ride it to a safe zone, and other survivors would think the radiation some how mutated the Husky. This bike makes a Rokon Trail-Breaker 2WD look like a Ferrari. It’s like Husky/BMW tried to cloned a Husqvarna TE and something went horribly wrong during the process. Parts ended up in the wrong places. Hey at least it has a Chinese Kymco engine…

  • lennyway

    that’s the funniest comment I’ve seen in ages

  • Dimitri

    What does BMW has to do with it. Husqvarna is owned by Cagiva and Husaberg by BMW.

    • Hozer

      Nope – Husqberg is owned by KTM and Husqvarna is owned by BMW (as of last fall).

    • Wes

      Husaberg is owned by KTM, Husqvarna by BMW.

  • Tanshanomi

    Like nothing before? Looking at the pictures, I could not help but be reminded of the Italjet Roadmasater 350 of the early ’80s; a dirt bike turned roadster with high pipe, sloping tank, perimeter frame, radiator above the headlight…

  • Tanshanomi

    Go here to see exactly what I mean…

  • Anders

    Interesting concept. Is this a way forward for Husqvarna? Lots of interesting design ideas. Love the frame and the seat/gas-tank integration. Hate the fuzzy headlight and tailight. The graphics suck, probably the best way to see the influence of parent company BMW, the master of messy graphics.

  • Guero Grande

    It looks like they’re taking a stab at their own street tracker. Think CCM. Besides the goofy ass head light fixture, I like it.

  • Fastbiker

    Look Like Shit! My Eyes!!!!!

  • dimitri

    I was wrong…


    the face looks like a chameleon!!
    very ugly but in a strange way interesting.

    looks like it has a very strange riding position
    requiring the hands to be very stretched…

  • David


    I think its an amazing design feat. From high level concept to the details, and the integration is beautiful.

    While Tanshanomi found a bike with a couple of similarities, the SQM3 is beautiful, the Roadmaster is fugly.

  • unstopeable

    kymco is not chinese, and they are realy high quality scooters/bikes

  • fazer6

    As much as I like this in concept, it’s execution is vastly flawed, especially when compared to the Master’s own Husky concept, they sadly-never-materialized STR 650 CRC.