Hyde Harrier Jubilee gives Triumph Bonneville balls

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To celebrate the 21st anniversary of the original Hyde Harrier, Triumph performance specialist Norman Hyde, in conjunction with legendary frame builder Harris Performance, is releasing the Hyde Harrier Jubilee. Based around the Hinckley Bonneville’s 865cc parallel twin, the best part about the Harrier Jubilee isn’t how good the new bodywork looks, how strong the new frame is, nor how capable the Öhlins suspension, but that all of these parts are available to purchase right now.
“Remember that the Bonneville was the Fireblade of its day,” says Hyde.
“By mixing the heart of today’s Bonneville with up-to-date components,
we can create a modern representation of the bike’s sporting nature
that many of us grew up with.”

We grew up in the age of early GSX-Rs and race-replica two-strokes, not
Triumphs, so we appreciate the Harrier for its uniquely ’80s take on
the café racer theme. At a time when Ducati’s SportClassic range is
combining modern performance with more appealing 1960s looks than any
too-accurate-for-its-own good Triumph, the Harrier could point the way
for a factory looking to boost the performance appeal of its retro

Hyde has designed the Harrier as a £3,995 kit, including: frame,
swingarm, fuel tank, seat unit, upholstery, lights and other ancillary
parts. Customers can then pick and mix a variety of performance
upgrades like the handmade Harris exhaust, Öhlins suspension AP
Lockheed radial brakes and Keihin carbs; all of which are pictured
here. If we owned a Triumph Bonneville, we’d look no further.

Norman Hyde

  • Dr.Danger

    This is a great look for the Bonnevile, If I had money to burn I would definitely get this kit.

  • Jeff Day

    Absolutely gorgeous. When I was younger the bikes I desired were those fantastic Seeley versions of Triumphs and Nortons that were the cutting edge of the day. This really evokes the glory days of those exotic cafe racers of that day, and I love it!

  • Erik

    This is what the Thruxton should have been!

    • Simon

      Defiantly a step toward what the Thruxton should have been!

      That bike would be awesome with a set of clip-on bars and usd forks.

  • http://www.sideburnmagazine.com Ben Part

    Paint-job sadly nothingy, & atrocious tank sticker, but otherwise yummy. Yes please Santa.

    • http://hellforleathermagazine.com Wes

      Yeah, that tank sticker. Sheesh.

  • biminitwst

    Art will never die, so long as man continues to breathe.
    Art that snorts, spits, smokes tires and carves corners like a straight razor lives on forever, and on an even higher plane.
    I want to have the Hyde Harrier Jubilees babies.

  • Tom Ward

    Wes, it seems you can’t post an article about Triumph without taking a shot at them:

    “To many, Triumph’s current model range asks more questions than it answers: Why did the dual-purpose Tiger turn into an FZ1-style allrounder? Where is the 1050 superbike?”

    -Tiger 1050 Allroad gains fictional off-road ability

    “Want to ride the same Triumph as Garry McCoy? It’ll cost you. €3,500 (plus the cost of the bike) to be exact. But we’re not sure the upgrades merit the price.”

    -Triumph-SC announces McCoy Replica Daytona 675 specs

    2009 Triumph Thunderbird 1600 depressingly mediocre
    “The collection, the company’s largest offering to date, seeks to banish memories of past clothing ranges, which, despite a few genuinely timeless items, were big on crapyness and short on style.”

    -Triumph collaborates with Alpinestars for 2009 clothing

    “Somehow, such a simple thing manages to elevate the Bonneville and its brethren from the tiresomely retro, to the brilliantly modern.”

    -Polycarbonate Triumph tank badges stupefyingly brilliant

    “If you think that sounds like a pretty pathetic tribute to a bike largely responsible for Triumph’s success, we’d agree with you.”

    -Triumph Speed Triple celebrates 15th birthday

    “At a time when Ducati’s SportClassic range is combining modern performance with more appealing 1960s looks than any too-accurate-for-its-own good Triumph, the Harrier could point the way for a factory looking to boost the performance appeal of its retro range.”

    -Hyde Harrier Jubilee gives Triumph Bonneville balls

    Do you hate Triumph? Or do you like Triumph so much that you have high expectations for them, and when they fail to live up to said expectations, you become frustrated?

    I personally am I huge Triumph fan but I’ll admit it can be a source of frustration and I agree with most of your points. I do have to disagree about the Ducati Sport Classics looking better than Triumph’s modern classics though…Although I am dissappointed in the Triuph’s performance.

    • http://hellforleathermagazine.com Wes

      Wait, most of those quotes sound positive to me.

      If I’m negative, it’s because I love Triumph and I desperately want them to live up to their potential. And, I pick on everyone, not just Triumph. For exactly the same reasons too.

      Read our Street Triple Review? Stay tuned for Speed Triple in the very near future.

  • Barry Glading

    Very tasty – but does it go better than a Thruxton? It’s not so much the looks, it needs to gather up it’s skirts and go. The Thrux doesn’t.
    This bike with the 1050 motor would be the dog’s danglies.


  • Tom Ward

    I suppose some of them are up for interpretation. On the internet, it is sometimes difficult to correctly infer tone. However, I don’t think “2009 Triumph Thunderbird depressingly mediocre” can really be misinterpreted. I unfortunately have to agree with you on that one, though. That bike could have been so much more. Maybe it will look better in person? Probably not.

    No, I hadn’t gotten around to reading your Street Triple review yet but I will now.

    Speaking of the Street Triple, I hope Ducati throwing down the gauntlet with their new Streetfighter (was that really the best name they could come up with?) will convince Triumph to up their game as well. Currently, it doesn’t seem there is much incentive to go with the Speed over the Street R.

    Also…like you said…where the $#%^ is the 1050 daytona?

    • http://hellforleathermagazine.com Wes

      The Speed Triple is an awesome motorcycle. You don’t get on it and go “Gee, I wish I had 30 extra horsepower.” Having said that, subtle ability doesn’t sell bikes.

      Generally, I’m a sarcastic bastard, but I was totally serious about the Thunderbird, what a waste of time.

  • Tom Ward

    Err…In my third paragraph I meant Speed not Street.

  • http://bikerholic.com/2008/12/03/hyde-harrier-jubilee-launched-at-nec-motorcycle-show/ BikerHolic

    Having seen previous offerings from Norman Hyde, this is no less than I would have expected – stunning!