KTM diversifies supermoto range with 990 Supermoto T and R

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On paper, a touring supermoto doesn’t make much sense. But, if you’ve ridden a KTM 990 Supermoto, you’ll know that it’s simply one of the finest, most fun road bikes around; so bolting on a large half-fairing, luggage provisions, a two-person seat and (shock) panniers actually ends up being a really good idea. The KTM 990 Supermoto T means you’ll be able to enjoy big-bore supermoto thrills more often, in more situations and for longer than ever before. We even like its half-finished looks. >

The KTM 990 Supermoto R is also a logical progression for the range. Using upgraded suspension and brakes; a lighter CroMoly frame and a race-focused seating position it pushes the performance envelope of the large supermoto to its maximum; sacrificing everyday practicality in the progress.

Which one would we choose? The Travel version. Not because it’s the fastest supermoto we could buy — it’s not — but because we could ride it everyday, take it on road trips, treat it to minimal maintenance, scratch it to hell and do all of that without giving a damn, all while enjoying supermoto thrills.

It appears that both models use the same 115bhp version of the 999cc 75º v-twin, but the Travel, at 196kg, weighs 7kg more than the R model. Make sure you check out the gallery.


  • http://setthemfree.tumblr.com Sasha Pave

    Interesting approach for KTM. The sooner they drop their “Ready to race” motto, the sooner we’ll see more diverse bikes from them.

    I think the styling is much nicer on this big super than the last one.

  • http://sumdubito.blogspot.com Jonathan Hepburn

    That is very good to see. Less ugly than a V-strom or an R-series Beemer, as trim and alien-in-a-good-way looking as a TDM on more power. I’d be very interested in the fuel consumption figures, as this could finally be a bike that I would consider next to the very agile and neat, but cheap (in good and bad ways), TDM900.

  • Kyle

    I wonder if this will come to the good ole’ USA?

  • Matt

    I’ve been praying for a practical SM for years.
    Was looking to buy a Tiger ’til this came along :)

  • Dodger

    Hiya… I.ve seen the new 990 SMR in the flesh at N.E.C Bike Show yesterday and it looks the muts nuts!!!…. Going to trade my 950SMR as soon as they are released next feb.
    And SMR gives you probably the most fun you can get without having to take all your clothes off!! lol.
    And we got better roads to enjoy the Bikes over here in U.K… you know with bends in them so you can get your knee down! Try doing that on a Harley Davidson! – or is it just me that thinks that Harleys are for fat middle-aged born again Bikers.
    Have a nice day y.all!

  • douglas

    First off I am 6′-3″(190.5 cm). too big for most sport bikes. So after a string of VFRs, which fit but are HEAVY; I have switched from a RSV mille (too hard on wrists,ankles, neck, though it did some 400 miles days and LOVED the power) to a multistrada (great travel bike, comfort, bags, wind protection, prestige, but low on power and the $$$ ducti maintenance) back to a Tuono,(comfort, power, but a bit TOO hooligan frisky with the RSV power in an upright position, and limited travel ability)
    This KTM SMT looks like the bike for me, allows me to add travel luggage, power right between a modded Tuono and a full termi ducatii 1000DS, all the right handling bits and specs for fun, V-twin, check, decent 2-up seat, check, USD forks, check, under 200 kilos, check, prestige brand, check!
    KTM bring it to the US and I’ll drop off the Tuono in trade.

  • Michae

    Just the bike I have been waiting for. The exact bike I want.
    The only bike I would go out and buy now.

    and its “NOT AVAILABLE IN THE USA” KTM’s biggest market

    Its available in Japan where the riders can’t touch the ground but not in the USA.

    Does this make sense. This bike would win at the least win a 10 best of the year if not bike of the year, and KTM does not sell it in the

  • Hooligansta

    I have 5 bikes. Out of room in the garage to consume more. But for this bike I would make room. Over the last year I’ve passed up so many good deals on a 950SM that this one doesn’t have to be such a good deal. It is just a better fit. Hopefully the $$$ sinking like a rock against the euro won’t spoil my dreams.

  • Hank Homburg

    Does anyone out there want to buy my my 08 BMW 1200R MegaMoto…? 11K miles…I thinks I will be payin a visit to a KTM dealer sooner than later!