Moto Guzzi V7 Café Classic goes avocado green

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So we’ve gone on record as saying the Moto Guzzi V7 is a bit of a missed opportunity and that Guzzi needs to cool it with the trad retros and finally build some exciting bikes. But, we do have to say the new V7 Café Classic looks damn good in avocado green.
>In addition to the paintwork, which is made extra nice by its matte
finish, the Café Classic adds clip-ons, upswept exhausts, a bullet seat
and revised suspension geometry and 40mm Marzocchi forks for sportier

The V7 is much more convincing as a café racer than as a standard, but
it’s still lacking both modern performance and authentically classic
Moto Guzzi looks — there’s no exposed horizontal frame rail.

Moto Guzzi

  • Dr.Danger

    I like that seat and the drag-style bars. Put some short or bar-end mirrors on it and would be perfect.

  • Tanshanomi

    I assume we’ll never see it on this side of the Atlantic…

  • jake

    avocado green? i have never eaten nor seen an avocado that colour, its more like olive green to me

  • Ben Part

    Stick with the first comment Wes. This looks like a potato compared with the svelte original – even if this one goes, stops, & handles ten-fold better. I’d always vouch for the metal-flake apple green over this yucky bathroom tile green too.
    & I’ll stick to my previous statement “where’s the road-going version of the MGS-01?”

  • John955

    I’d say avocado green is an accurate description. ’70′s ‘fridges were that color and called avocado. As for the bike? I have a MASSIVE soft spot for Moto Guzzis and I LOVE this one. My uncle used to have a V7 Sport and the first bike I was ever perched on as a lad was one of his Guzzis. Wes is right, Guzzi needs a modern superbike but please don’t take away the neo-retros. After all, it works for Harley.

  • Hiwatt Scott

    Still ultimately a bike for someone who’s obssessed with it. It makes no sense when compared to any other bike even close to it’s type. But for the one guy out of 1,000 (or perhaps more like 100,000), no other bike will do. Personally, I’d never pay that much for something that doesn’t have two disc brakes up front (or shiny paint).

  • Sparky Leonrod

    A great bike for those of us with a more realistic grasp of our abilities and and what it takes to enjoy the sport. I can only hope it comes to the states.

  • LADucSP

    what’s wrong with Moto guzzi?? What happened to bikes like the 1100i of the 90s? Bad, raw, ass-kicking roadsters?!

    Their current lineup has the pizzaz of pepperoni, and the psuedo-retro-wannabe styling is just plain ugly.

    Ducati pulled it off with the Sport Classic line I guess, but I’ve decided I don’t like those either.

    Like my buddy once said: if you want an old bike, buy an old bike.

  • Bad Juju

    Holy balls, that thing is hot. Make it less than $10k, bring it to the US and sign me up.

    Re LADuc – I have an old bike. An old Guzzi. That looks just like that. And its broken, in need of full restoration. I bought a Monster 750 to actually ride. The Guzzi sits in pieces.

  • Mike

    Even though I’ve had bigger and more powerful bikes, I still like the smaller ones even more. I really like this Goose and would get one in a heartbeat if they were available in the states. I already have a Bonneville, but this would be cool to have by her side.

  • MATriumph

    I think the bike looks great and would buy one if available in the states. I have looked at the Triumph Thruxton but am not completely sold on it.
    As for as the current line of Guzzis. I want to like the 1200 sport but I still think Breva when I look at it.

  • david ofria

    I love this bike…Very cool handle bars, just needs some bar-end mirrors and a bench seat just like on the original Ducati 750… Make more bikes like this, everyone here in Australia wants them…Not sure about the colour, need to see it up close..The new ducati gt1000 looks nothing like the original GT..So i need this bike here..Get it to Australia now!

  • dave whitt

    Why all the fuss about only a 750? It’s much more fun to ride a slow bike fast than a fast bike slow. Wind it out through the gears and Wow! I’m still alive with license in tact! It’s light too!

  • TDH

    I’ve just ordered the first one coming to the uk (of 16 this year) and the only one coming to the south west. I am keeping my 70000 mile BMW for general use. The Guzzi will sit beside it for sunny days, polishing and looking at while I drink tea in the garage.

  • http://Bingo E Weber

    Love the retro bikes!! Thruxton, GT Classic, & V7. Bring them on & more wish I could have all 3. Better than another “me too” bike. You have a insert all too common bike here (GSXR, Ninja, CBR, Hyabusa, etc.)? Oh me too!! BMW needs one.

  • Climatarians green community

    Nice to have a green looking bike. Perhaps what is more important is how green the bike really is from an environment stand point. Of course a lot of manufacturers these days are taking a lot of effort to make more fuel efficient models to make a lower impact on the environment, which is a welcome change.