NCR 30th anniversary Mike Hailwood TT racer just $130k

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NCR has given a preview of their amazing NCR Mike Hailwood TT at the Salone del Ciclo e Motociclo di Milano, and we couldn’t be more jealous we’re not there. Built in honor of the 30th anniversary of Mike the Bike’s Isle of Man win on the Ducati 900 NCR, the new limited edition version is a stunningly light 136 kg — 41kg lighter that the Sport 1000S it’s based on — thanks to a titanium chassis and exhaust. The fully adjustable rear sets, clip-on tubes, fuel cap, valves, connecting rods and all fasteners also happen to be titanium.

>To add insult to injury, the new NCR racer also gets carbon body work, washers and BST wheels to go along with those range-topping Ohlins FGR 900 NCR-tuned forks, fully adjustable rear shocks, custom wavy brakes and 4-piston Brembo monobloc front calipers. The list of custom aluminum billet bits goes on for days. For those interested in purchasing, there’s only 12 available for a whopping €100,000.

The official unveil, with Hailwood’s wife and son in attendance, happens tomorrow. For the full gallery click the top image, or just click here.
  • FastRider

    For Fast possers!

  • Dan Crouch

    I think it looks great, even if it is absurdly optioned and priced.


  • John955

    No doubt, it’s a beautiful machine but $130K is more than my house, both my cars and my bike combined!

  • Ben Part

    Certainly prettier than it’s name-sake. How about a translucent kevlar fuel-level stripe down the side of the tank too please.

    PS. very artistically placed HFL water-mark Grant!

  • Larry

    For that price they better at least include a month stay on IOM during the TT.

  • Grant Ray

    Thanks, Ben. I just use them like they’re racing stickers. That way they’re not offensive, and my eyes don’t have to bleed from looking at yet another horrible font with kooky fade and overlay treatments.