Sideburn Issue 2 features more flat track than you can shake a steel shoe at

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SB2_2.jpgIf you don’t know anything about flat track racing, it’s easy to dismiss it as an eccentric little sport with more of a past than a future. But if you read Sideburn, you know plenty about flat track and you know that it has influence and interest beyond its cult following. That’s not because Sideburn is a magazine for insiders, rather an in depth look at an otherwise overlooked, but fascinating world.
Our copy of Issue 2 just arrived and it’s got everything from
completely awesome up-to-the-minute custom bikes to classic race
machinery and facial hair. There’s a look back at Kenny Roberts’ famous
Indy Mile race win aboard a homicidal TZ750 and a feature on Auto
Racing, a modern Japanese sport that could provide the impetus for a
new generation of street trackers.

The thing that Sideburn does best, which is also what we want to do
with Hell For Leather, is cover a specific world with an insider’s
knowledge, but an outsider’s perspective. Pick it up for the first time
and you’ll be enlightened, not baffled and you’ll probably come away
with a hankering for a new bike with no front brake.

If you haven’t already, make sure you click the image above to check out the gallery of Sideburn article previews. Or just click here.


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    Awesome, These dudes get more Tang then an Astronaut