Suzuki GSX-R750: the complete visual history

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In 1985 Suzuki began the modern era of motorcycling with a single machine. Now the last of its kind, the GSX-R750 is a race replica without a current racing class, its capacity the relic of a bygone era. Hell For Leather presents the entire visual history of the most influential motorcycle since the 1969 Honda CB750, from the 1985 original to the new K9, with every bike in between.

  • RareSportBikesForSale

    I’ve always thought the 88-90 slingshots were pretty cool bikes.


  • ehpawk

    first time posting here, i have been reading for awhile and i love the site but honestly your new gallery system is terrible. i could not even make it to the end of the images. the navigation is just bad. why can i not go to the next image from an enlarged image? why do i have to use the arrows for the thumbnails? if i am at the end of the display in the thumbnails why isn’t it self centering.

    something more along the line of

    make the user able to navigate through pictures from the enlarged view.

    make the thumbnail bar so that the image you are on is in the middle of the bar always.

    anyway i am not trying to be a dick and this is one of my favorite sites. love the reviews. love the coverage. keep up the good work.

    • Simon

      I agree,

      Love the site but the new gallery has a really clunky interface.

      I would suggest the use of an asynchronous postback mechanisms to navigate between photos. to prevent the current; click… wait for it… next photo and oh dear the index of the carousel has gone back to zero.

      I haven’t looked to see what makes your site work but most web technologies these days can do something to fetch content without posting the current page back to the server.

      Apart from that the sites great!!


  • Grant

    Thanks for taking the time to comment ehpawk.

    We’ll get right on that just as soon as we get half the budget Autoblog has, and can whip out a bespoke CMS that doesn’t compromise HFL’s design.

  • Tanshanomi

    Comparing them side by side, I can’t help but think that the 1985 bike is ten times better looking than the ’09.

    • AvataR

      All that really tells us is that your taste is sorely lacking, and that you like older bikes.

      I do have to ask though, did you have your eyes closed when you made the observation?

      • Tanshanomi

        The original GSX-R looked purposeful and functional. The new ones have silly styling for the sake of styling. The Flash Gordon exhaust is especially distasteful.

  • Tanshanomi

    And on the subject of your galleries, ehpawk is right. I do understand the limitations of budget, but your explaination doesn’t make the viewing experience any less frustrating.

    Perhaps limiting your galleries to four photos is the solution? I only view those shots visible without scrolling. (Just being smarmy. Sorry.)

  • ehpawk

    no worries grant, i am definitely not going to stop reading because of it. i just wanted to give some constructive criticism

    i ride a 03 gsrx750, boy have they come a long way.

  • nw

    ditto on the new photo gallery system, it’s a pain. love the site though – great posts.

  • Sasha

    Thanks for the great gsxr history!!! There’s just something classic in those double lights… Besides years of racing history and design cues for generations of bikes. 2001 gsxr front is now being ripped off successfully by the BMW K1200S series.

    Just a suggestion for another gallery resource:
    Easy as a snap. You can navigate through the whole set of images from one.

  • Grant

    Thanks for the input guys. The gallery format stays until either (a) Movable Type makes major improvements to their back end content management system (b) we build a bespoke CMS, which would require © somebody gives us a lifetime supply of lunch money.

  • GG

    The ’89 model is really nice.

  • Sam

    How about having a link to a sort of static gallery page? So a page with all the pictures on it for people to scroll through, perhaps like those great story features you do when you go on adventures?


    • GG

      I’ve already send a mail with the same advice, cause the refresh is disturbing

  • Hiwatt Scott

    After looking at this gallery, I can’t help thinking that the graphics department is the busiest section in the Suzuki building.

    +1 on the idea of a static gallery.

  • Matt

    Great article on fantastic bike. Have always loved the GSXR750′s as have many other riders, how else was Suzuki able to sell them as long as they have. I’m not as down as some on the image navigation but it could be worked on. I know what hard work it is to maintain a site and try to keep up with the changes. Love the site and will continue to check in daily. Thanks for hard work boys.

  • John955

    I think the reason I like the older versions better is not just because “I like old bikes.” To me, Japanese design has morphed from being organic to borrowing from cartoons and science-fiction. I prefer the more flowing lines that appear more natural.

    • Ryan

      more flowing lines?? would that not necessarily imply that you like the newer bikes not the clunky old ones?

      The original looked boring and inept. No style, no class. The newer ones however look fantastic. THe pipe is one of the better aspects, though i would really like to see some undercarriage dump pipes on the 2010 model.

  • te2ns

    Hi guys,

    Been reading for a while, first time commenting (maybe second or third, who can keep track?)

    I feel the need to chime in on the interface. I don’t mind the style of the gallery, or the method to click on the pics, though it is clunky. I’ve seen WAY worse.

    What really bugs me, and actually makes the gallery unusable for anything above 4 or 5 pics is that the thumbnails always default to pic 1. So, to look at this gallery I’d have to:
    Click the center pic,
    Click the next button
    Click the center pic,
    Click the next button twice

    See how annoying that is?

    If you guys can make a fancy pop-up wide screen deal for your roadtrips, and have all those great graphics in them, I don’t see a reason why you can’t have a gallery format that doesn’t default the thumbnail pic to 1 every time.

  • John955

    OK, the gallery photos are a bit clunky, but this site is worth EVERY PENNY I pay to view it.

  • james

    This site rocks. It’s sweet. I’m sure some constructed criticism is good but putting up a site is hard. Then searching for and adding new cutting edge motorcycle news all day then worrying about the site working right? …. getting paid?…… is the site getting hits?…..would a asian porn site be more fun and profitable? We all should thank the Father, Son and the Holy Ghost for Hell for Leather Magazine. Every GSXR in its battle colors is beautiful to me.

  • joneez

    As a motorcycle mechanic, I’ve ridden almost every one of them. My first experience on a “serious” liter bike was a ’91. I remember wondering how a bike with such mindbending power could still be so easy to ride around town! Now the 600 makes the same power as that ’91. But that first ride stuck with me and was the deciding factor when I bought my Bandit 1200.
    Thanks for that little trip down memory lane guys!