The Sounds featured in GEICO motorcycle insurance ad

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Hurt_You_cavemen.jpgWhat seems like years after we first hoped the GEICO cavemen would go away they’re back and actually good this time. Set to “Hurt You” by The Sounds, the ad manages to achieve the retro irony the cavemen have always been trying for. The only low point is the Harleys, which, for true accuracy, should actually be 1985 GSX-R750s.>

In case you were wondering, yes, this is a fairly exact recreation of Grant and me on an average Saturday night. He’s the one in “Thriller”-tastic red.

  • blankfocus

    I love this ad and The Sounds. I work for an insurance co. doing web stuff and I wish our ad campaign was even half as cool as this one.

  • hoyt

    I can’t get past the clash between the style of bike and style of riding attire.

  • will

    second hoyt.

  • martialstax

    You got it almost right. They should be riding mid-’80s OBRUT bikes. the turbo bikes that had “turbo” written backwards on the windscreen.

    • Grant

      Ooh, nice. I’d totally rock a Kawasaki GPZ750 Turbo in Black’n'Red.

  • John

    I work at GEICO on the Cycle IT Team. Got nothing to do with the commercials. Cool site i will fwd to the rest of the guys at work that ride.