2009 KTM RC8 only available until December 31, 2008 through dealers

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We’re a little taken back by this, but KTM has just informed us that the RC8 will only be sold via their Priority Delivery Deposit Program, which ends on New Year’s Eve. We’re not terribly surprised that the 1190 is being sold in limited numbers, or that sales are doing well for them. It’s just that, well, the market isn’t exactly helping make Santa’s job any easier this year. At least not for us. While there’s no word on the even more amazing RC8R, we suspect the same rule applies, which means that Santa will not be putting one of those in our stockings either.


  • Travis

    Your link is bad ;)

    Ah I love the RC8… can’t say I dig the orange but that bike is sex!

  • http://www.fullcustomphoto.com Yuri

    Damn near everything KTM makes is pure sex with a saddle.

  • http://hellforleathermagazine.com Grant

    Thanks Travis. It’s fixed now.

  • http://www.groomez.com Shaun

    Now that is pure BS. Why KTM can’t get things situated in the US is beyond me. Pullout the RC8?! No 690/700 Adventure in the works (rumors aside). It’s unreal. I love KTM bikes. Why pull such a stunt?

  • Tim

    This is kinda interesting, they would have to sell x amount of bike to be able to race ama (homologation rules) but if they can pre sell all they need before years end they are guaranteed to race. But are they going to race? now that Honda is out too?

  • collyer

    KTM makes top shelf bikes, but they sell these wonderful machines to us because they are in the motorcycle BUSINESS, not motorcycle charity. Look at all the SM950s & Superdukes that still sit on showroom floors – how many RC8s will really sell in America – 100? 200?
    They’ll sell every one they make in Europe/Africa/UK – why waste time in the US when most MC riders all want HDs, cruisers, & a new R1/GSXR/CBR/ZX every year? People stop me & say “never seen a Kawasaki KTM before….”
    For $17k, most poseurs want a 1098 or F4 to polish in the living room, and ride to St@rbucks in their $2000 race kit.
    Sad, but true.

  • ehpawk

    That bike is amazing.

  • http://setthemfree.tumblr.com Sasha Pave

    @collyer “why waste time in the US”

    Perhaps it’s because we’re the largest motorcycle market in the world and smart european brands like Ducati & BMW actually take advantage of it.

    KTM has to re-brand itself in the US and move away from the ‘ready to race’ mantra. It’s too limiting, especially considering they’re sport-tour and Adventure segments.

    Americans do react to European styles, like the Adventure Tourer & Naked Bike segments. But there are still segments which won’t command much market share anywhere, like the 690 Duke/SM, 990SM, 690 Adv.

    True the rockets and cruisers take the majority of the share, but if the major brands would just import some new models, they might be surprised by their reception (Transalp for instance).