Aprilia finally puts Mana X into photo studio

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While we were really impressed with the Aprilia Mana X when it was unveiled at EICMA a couple of weeks ago, we couldn’t help but feel that the crappy, over-saturated show floor photos didn’t do it justice. We were right, check out the amazing level of detail finally visible on the concept bike in the photo gallery above.
The Mana X is a concept motorcycle that explores ideas for a stylish
machine that could convince city-dwelling European twenty-somethings to
give up their maxi-scooters. As such it employs the Aprilia Mana’s CVT
and uses a scooter-style bar-mounted rear brake lever.

Word has it that Mana sales are failing to live up to estimates,
meaning Aprilia could be looking for ways to cost effectively broaden
the appeal of that bike’s basic package. The Mana X makes only simple
cosmetic and functional changes to the donor bike, but achieves an
entirely different result. Aprilia could choose to produce a similar
model, taking advantage of the existing Mana production processes to do
so relatively cheaply and easily.

The level of detail on this concept is awe inspiring, easily on par
with the Aprilia RSV4. Check out the way the trellis frame is
reflected in both the swingarm and the exhaust or the projector
headlights that resemble vintage camera lenses.


  • 6mt

    interesting addition

  • Mat Rempit

    That thing looks fun.

    I’d bet the price and CVT are the cause of slow Mana sales.

  • gary

    looks like a TW200 on the juice.

  • roger

    che ficata

  • http://www.thecenterforegalitarianstudies.com Alex

    I’d buy it today.

  • http://www.fullcustomphoto.com Yuri

    I’d certainly buy one, if it had a real transmission and clutch/brake setup on the bars. It’s sexy and would make an awesome city bike, but if I’m going to ride a bike I want it to be a bike, not a step-through in drag.

  • http://www.iheartimagery.com kyle


  • MP

    Harley only wishes they could build something like this. but why change 100+ of ‘winning design’? lol

  • http://www.darngooddesign TBS Stunta

    If they produce this, but not the Blue Marlin concept, life really is unfair.