Deus W650 Street Tracker inspired by Richard Petty

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We continue to be amazed at the quality of custom bikes Deus Ex Machina is able to build out of the humble Kawasaki W650. This Street Tracker receives little more than a Richard Petty paintjob, an OVER Racing two-into-one exhaust, some holes poked into the bevel cover with a drill, a WM Racing alloy tank, a filter pod conversion, an IKON rear shock, a custom speedo mount and a flat track seat.
It’s the result, not the parts that make this bike stand out.
Go check out the Harley XR1200 street tracker real quick, then come
back and look at this custom Kawasaki. Which brand has more flat track
heritage? But, which bike would you rather ride? Exactly. They’re about
the same price too, this bike is on sale for $11,970 (US), while the Harley
is retailing for $10,799. That extra grand buys you a one-off bike
that’s both faster and better handling. Not a bad deal.

The photos come courtesy of Deus, who took the bike to their local
track for an afternoon, saying “thing was a handful on those tyres.
Would be a rad flat tracker with K180s, all that weight down low.” The
clothing in the shoot is from Deus too. Yes, we hate them as much as
you do.


  • doubleoh2

    Yes, Deus ROCKS!!! Lucky to be living in the same country as The Temple of Enthusiasm!

  • Curtis

    Hmmm, I think I know where my army bonus is going…

  • Matt

    Thanks for posting about Dues Ex Machina, these bikes absolutely rock! As far a comparing the Dues machines to the XR1200 there is no comparison. In fact for this 50 year old guy my money would be spent on a Dues machine before I’d consider the new 1198 Ducati, as much as I love the Ducs. Real world usability with style vs over the top performance with style.

  • David

    Does anyone know where I can purchase one of those “WM Racing Alloy tanks”?

    • Damien

      “WM Racing Alloy tanks”

      Zero Customs Japan, supplies alloy tanks for virtually any bike including the essential SR400/500, W650 etc.

      Wellington make beautiful tanks. I’m looking for a tank for my bike also. Let me know if you have luck finding one.


  • Tom Ward

    Beautiful machine. Are those prices in US $ or AUS $? Their clothing line is actually pretty cool but I’m not sure now is the best time to be selling a premium clothing line. Also, is the Temple of Enthusiasm also selling baked goods or is that a joke? Is this really a custom bike / premium clothing / baked goods company? Talk about being a “lifestyle brand”…

    • Wes

      USD, as noted in the article. Just like the bikes, the clothing ain’t too pricey and the baked goods look scrumptious.

  • Tom Ward

    It’s a matter of reference. Comparied to other stylish, designer, high quality cloths? Dirt cheap. Compared to the Walmart rags I typically wear? Super-crazy expensive. Although I am seriously considering an item or two from their collection…

    Yes, their baked goods look absolutely amazing…I may have to make a pilgrimage to the Temple of Enthusiam to please the Gods of horsepower and confectionary delights.