• Tom Ward

    I am outraged at this development. Where is my Ducati bottle opener? I need some Ducati wine!!!

  • evisceratingpanda

    well they have to come up with something to keep you fashion and style obsessed materialite poseurs happy. jeez, you just can’t win with some people.

  • http://cohobot.blogspot.com/ coho
    • Tom Ward

      Yeah, that is hilarious. That’s why I said wine, not whiskey, which is my actual alcoholic beverage of preference.

      As long as the bikes stay true to their ideals, the brand-whoring doesn’t bother me too much.

  • MrP

    Whoa Tom, slow down, take it easy, a nice soak with some Ducati bubble bath and burn some red Ducati candles, they smell like hot tires!
    Even Harley Davidson has stuck with tradition wile whoring it’s self out.

  • Jason

    I’m sure there’s a collective groan from the Ducati engineering dept every time marketing leverages the brand in these cheesy ways.

  • Gary Inman

    Puma anyone?

    • Sour Shoes

      The Puma thing works, as Puma make riding gear.
      Other tsochkes — like T-shirts, bottle openers and scale models — are OK with me too.

      It’s when you start putting your brand on other totally unrelated name brand items solely to make licensing fees and with no regard to brand synergy, that the ride on the slippery slope starts.

      So Ducati/Bianchi = fine.
      Ducati/Fisher Price = not too cool.

  • evisceratingpanda

    seriously, i mean if there’s one thing we americans are absolutely NOT known for it’s commercialization and overexposure of brand images.

    now what did I do with that iCrap catalogue?

  • Tino

    Dear Mr. Ray,

    Regarding the question,
    Beyond a typographic interpretation of an uppercase “D,” what did the red circle and line of the previous identity signify?

    The previous logo represents an uppercase “C” and an upper case “D”. The logo then stands for Cavalieri Ducati, last name of the company co-founders.
    As a side note, you may suspect that the “C” was reffering also to the CAGIVA ownership of those years.. ;-)

    Best Regards,


  • Ben(pi)

    Thanks for asking those questions, I sincerely hope some answers are forthcoming. Unfortunately I fear that as the company has grown in leaps and bounds it has, like other such entities, forgotten its roots. Having said that, here is what I assume to be the (after)thoughts of the design.

    The sheild harkens back to the old Ducati Mechanica shield (I don’t know of this was ever used on the bikes, or just as another emblem). The white swoosh being remenicent of the checkerered arch, however it as neccessary to change with the times, and curve the swoosh in an effort to evoke the visceral memory of riding through a curve, looking off to the vanishing point. (It is no longer a checkerboard, simply because expanding into other markets beyond racing does not allow one to be so narrowly focused.)


    I hear a good Italian designer is available if anybody wants to start a small motorcycle company with me.

  • ed

    coca cola.

  • http://setthemfree.tumblr.com Sasha Pave

    First: I agree about the Supermono, the ’93 was and still is my favorite Ducati of all time.

    Second: It could be worse. Have you seen Harley’s logo? Buell?

    Yes it’s derivative, boring, guitar-pickish, but I like it better than that old gradient shield with the lens flair.

    The trouble is that they’re going to have to re-brand in another 10 years because it’s so me-too and timely. They really should have gone with something more timeless. But that’s just me, who still likes the Zundapp logo.

  • Ben(pi)

    Oh God! I just watched the video, how trite can you get!!! If this becomes their new logo I will be extremely sad.

    • http://hellforleathermagazine.com Wes

      Ben, it is their new logo.

  • John955

    Wow! Rock on with your Ducati Guitar Pick! I bet Neiman Marcus has a ltd. edition Ducati/Les Paul already in the works for Christmas 2009.

  • Mardig

    The line across the shield looks too much like the ones on Puma shoes. Then again, with this shield will look good on the Puma branded Ducati shoe line!

  • Curtis

    Meh, I don’t own a Ducati and don’t plan on owning one anytime soon, they’ll be around after the contracting economy so we can see another iteration of the logo in a few years (as sasha says).

    More importantly though, the video is like a bad special effects film demo. Like the heart shape light thing outlines almost nothing that is heart shaped. Sure a few random “V”s of varying angles and traces 2/3′s of a brake disc, to do what? Make the allusion that the shield/ducati/Italians have heart/are a beating heart/Love?

    Whatever, Pepsi paid millions to butcher their logo, others must follow, just sell me well, don’t keep me guessing. Like the Chevy Vega, hideous worthless car, but a top seller for like 5 years. That proves I can be sold for something almost universally hated (at least on this site)

  • Curtis

    Wow that was a rant! I need to not write when I have more than motorcycles on my mind!

  • martialstax

    They can put whatever their current logo is on diapers for all I care, as long as that income stream means Ducati can keep making beautiful sports bikes and championship winning race bikes.

    • geonerd

      i’m with martial here. i can turn a blind eye to the gratuitous nature of the merchandising as long as the brand keeps making great bikes. but we may not be the average consumer.

      that said I think that wes and grant bring up a great point about the potential negative effects of this campaign on Ducati, as a commercial enterprise.

      but i’ll restate that i think the brand is what it is because of the motorcycles, not because of the BS the marketing chimps come up with. if they need a “robust” marketing campaign to help pay those 1000+ employees to make world class bikes to win world championships i’m all for it.

  • BaBa Boey

    Nice a Howard Stern refrence, “Jumped the Shark”

  • http://triumphdaytona675.wordpress.com Sam

    The only effect of that video was to make me think the original Ducati logo was great. I’d love to have a bike with that on. Maybe you should be able to choose your logo when you buy the bike from a dealership?

    BaBa Boey – was it Howard Stern who came up with jump the shark? I never knew that.


  • Peter Kleberg

    No, jumped the shark is a term from TV, referring to an episode of ‘happy days’., when fonzie jumped over a shark. this episode was seen as a mark of exhaustion of the series, and is now used as a phrase indicating decadence, obsolescence, exhaustion, etc.

  • Tanshanomi

    IMO, the brand jumped the shark years ago, with the Oakley/Ducati eyeware. Today, not only do we have Sandisk/Ducati flash disks and the Sony/Ducati cell phone, but also Tumi Ducati luggage and Binda Ducati watches which didn’t get mentioned.

    Somebody send a copy Al & Luara Ries’s book, “The 22 Immutable Laws of Branding” to Ducati execs immediately. I can think of four they’ve broken just off the top of my head.

  • LADucSP

    The dilemma of modern economics. How do you appeal to enough people to achieve sales volumes that enable economies of scale to generate repeatable profits?

    You have to dumb-down and appeal to the masses.

    Exotics are about exclusivity. They’re not for everyone. That’s the appeal. That’s what makes them what they are.

    Once you appeal to the masses, you lose the core values that built the brand in the first place.

    Streetfighter? Cool design, but Ducati’s clearly become a trend follower in pursuit of profits, and is no longer the trend maker that made them such a coveted marque over the past 60 years.

    Look, I love the xx8 Superbikes, but I can’t bring myself to buy one simply because of the association with the masses who are now riding them.

    When experienced riders see my ’94 SS|SP coming, they know I ride it because I love it, not because some mindless marketing drivel told me to (that’s for sure!).

    New Duc owners don’t even know what one is.

  • chan

    Unfortunately this follows the death spiral of the Monster design which looks more and more like a ’92 Civic.

  • http://ridethetorquecurve.blogspot.com hoyt

    The dilemma is modern economics – not knowing when to stop.

    Are we cool with branding stopping at the bike & select t-shirts?

    Another question to ask is, “what were the other brand choices before deciding on this shield?”

  • Mitch

    Reminds me of the needless UPS logo change. Outcome is nearly identical, too.

  • Sour Shoes

    Howard Stern made John Hine, the guy who coined “Jump the Shark,” famous.

    He sold the jts website to Rupert Murdoch for mucho dinero, and now he works for Howard.

  • http://www.migpilot.net MP

    Over the years Ducati has diluted its core brand values more and more to the point now that if I saw something in K-Mart branded Ducati, I would not be surprised. The one that made me give up on them ever getting a grip was the Ducati USB drive.
    In my association with them, back when the 916 and Monster was going big, I found it interesting that the in house graphic designer took it on himself to rebrand the brand and amazingly they went along with it; amazing because what he did was so far removed from what Ducati was all about it was not funny. Since then it’s been disaster on disaster as most things to do with Ducati have become so whitebread corporate it’s not funny.

    So really, it’s no surprise that they are doing this because really, who ever’s in charge of branding now, has about as much idea as the clown who was back in ’94/’95. RIP true Ducati, I’ll revel in the brand from the 70′s back, when it had something you wanted to be part of.

  • http://www.sideburnmagazine.com Ben Part

    Stating the obvious, but modern brands are considered old fashioned if they don’t re-logo every few years. What’s more worrying is how this sell-by date is diminishing (shouldn’t chemical preservatives be able to combat this?) Whether it be Ducati, Coca Cola, UPS etc etc they spend millions to adjust a few mm here & there. Also strange that so many of these companies hark on about their heritage in their PR, to supposedly give them contemporary credibility, and yet don’t seem to have that much respect for it. I’m not being conceitedly nostalgic to say the majority of the original logos were much stronger. And decades before there were such things as Identity Consultants. The New Ducati logo is as bland as a ready-made microwave pizza. But at least a pizza has more colour.

    Rather pathetic Grant, that Ducati wont play ball with your most valid HFL Q&A.

  • http://www.sideburnmagazine.com Ben Part

    Can somebody please explain the logic behind the FIAT sponsorship of Yamaha GP? Is it not also odd that the car logo is bigger and bolder than the bike one?

    • holytesticletuesday

      i seem to remember it had something to do with the fact that they lost camel and they went right to the last minute before fiat swooped in and saved the day.

      plus who wouldn’t like to see rossi piloting a ferrari F1 one of these days? i’m sure both rossi and fiat have considered that.

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