Function Through Form: Motorcycles in the Age of Artistic Production

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FTF-invite.jpgWe’re excited to announce Hell For Leather‘s first event, Function Through Form: Motorcycles in the Age of Artistic Production. We’ll be bringing together iconic designers JT Nesbitt and Roland Sands, along with two of their bikes, in Roland’s case, a surprise machine. Roland and JT have pretty big personalities, so it should be interesting to see them interacting to create art based on their motorcycle designs live at RARE Gallery in Chelsea. Grant and I are also putting together a small selection of classic and custom bikes to accompany the two designers’ work.

Update: the official invite’s above. Make sure you RSVP.

Thanks go out to Function Through Form’s sponsor: Discover Today’s Motorcycling.

  • TonyS

    Are you in NYC?

    Sounds cool, I will be out of town – missing the Moto Show, The Streetfighter at Ducati Manhattan and this. Go ahead and just book New Order at the Beacon Theater for Jan 17 while you are at.

    • Wes

      Yep, we’re based in Brooklyn. We’re looking forward to it too.

  • David S

    This is great. Thanks for putting it together. I’ve been getting pretty starved for anything bike related since the Duc got put away last month.

  • dave

    Wes, Grant;

    Excellent Idea!

    It’d be nice to see JT back into this mess we call the motorcycle business…

    Keep us posted on details, I for one would like to see this in person. Grant, you know how to contact me… :)

  • HerbL

    how do I get an invite?

  • KenL

    Can I get an invite?

  • Wes

    Everyone’s invited. Send an email to with your name to rsvp.

  • Darek

    Since I was hoping to go to the show this day too, I might come to this depending on what time it happens.

  • Strada

    Excellent idea and concept!

    Hope you will have a photo coverage of the event for the folks that are not in the NYC area.

  • Phil

    Excellent idea – I’ll be there.

  • hoyt

    The industry needs this kind of event.

    Good going & thanks

  • MrP

    So is this a one day only exhibit or will it run for a while at RARE?

    • Grant

      The event is only for the 16th, MrP. The bikes will be returned to their respective owners on the 17th.

  • ironrich

    I wonder if the Mopackel will be there.

    • Grant

      I’m afraid that won’t be happening, ironrich. I haven’t seen that bike in years.

  • HerbL

    The hours for this event?

  • Sam

    Sounds great, it’s just a shame it’s a bit far away. Let me know if you do one in London.


  • Deb

    the Pa. group will be there!! would not miss it…just the excitment we need in the cold winter months..thanks!

  • alex sol

    we are so looking forward to this!

  • Zane

    Can’t wait! Great excuse to play hooky from work..

  • Chris Clinton

    Great concept and looking forward to fridays event …please confirm reciept of my RSVP email ….thanks Chris

    • Grant

      Don’t worry Chris. We’ve got you down. See you on Friday.

  • bklyn

    btw, the invite does not state such, but i’m assuming admission is free?

    • Grant

      Yes, it’s free.

  • Mark

    Wes and Grant

    Totally stoked for this event! Sounds like there will be plenty of people…sure there’s enough room? ;) Thanks for putting this together! Look forward to meeting everyone.

    p.s. can we include more people on the RSVP?

  • Trav

    I won’t be making it up there.. but this sounds awsome! Wish it wasn’t such a drive and I didn’t already have plans.. I just saw the archietechs of inspiration exhibit at the DC show this past weekend and MAN! Awsome. I always thought Roland’s stuff was cool.. but never had seen it in person.. WOW! I have really liked the 450 supersingle idea too, and after seeing those cafe bikes… It’s like why didn’t I think of this before! Such an awsome idea and beautifully exicuted “urban grit”. I hope there will be some coverage on this site for those of us who can’t make it… and some nice, large shots of the “surprise” bike =D

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