Gurney Alligator revived with new S&S v-twin Instigator

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Remember the Gurney Alligator? It was a radical feet-forward, low-seat concept for a better sportsbike. Despite the theoretical rightness of its design, the Alligator was beset by weirdness — the single-cylinder engine and long wheelbase — and received mixed reviews. Only 36 were ever made. Now, Dan Gurney and his son Justin have made another Alligator, this time powered by a 2032cc S&S air-cooled twin.
The basic identifiers of the Alligator are still here. The seating
position lowers the center of gravity and reduces wind resistance. That
low center of gravity works to offset the long wheelbase, maintaining
quick steering. It should be utterly impossible to wheelie or stoppie
the Alligator instigator, which also means riders will be able to
employ more of the power and more of the brakes more of the time.

The Gurneys intend to build just 50 examples of the instigator and
while there’s no word on price, the components are all appropriately
high end. The chassis is a ChroMoly trellis with a billet swingarm,
suspension is Penske, wheels are Dymag and the radial brakes are
Beringers. All the bodywork is carbon fiber.

We can’t tell you how happy we are to see the Alligator reborn and just hope that this time around we get to ride one. 

Alligator Motorcycles via Faster and Faster

  • ehpawk

    honestly i couldn’t have less interest in a bike than this one. i find those hopped up and lowered scooters more appealing. but to each his own.

    i do however have respect for what they are accomplishing and wish them the best in getting it done, because even tho i might not like them there are probably quite a few people who would love them.

  • Ben Part


  • Hancock

    oooooooohhh boy, I’ll bet we see a bunch of these buggers on the road!

  • Deckard

    Weird? What could be weirder than putting an antiquated paint-mixer of a motor in a “sport” bike. Even Buell has seen the light.

  • ack

    i think they could have put a little more distance between the seat and the bars…

  • Tanshanomi

    I actually very much liked the original ‘gator, but I am not nearly as fond of this one. What was a very intelligent, iconoclastic bike is now just a weirdly proportioned chopper.

  • ryan

    What an ugly piece of shit.

  • Hancock

    Get out of my brain Ryan!

  • Larry Kahn

    Ya know, if you just built a new bolt-on subframe that put the seat up where it should be, and moved the pegs/controls where they should be, you’d have a possibly pretty good motorcycle. If.

  • אלץי

    Isn’t in very awkward that the rear cylinder is completely uncovered and in addition to that seats exactly between your heaps, doesn’t it damage men’s reproductive ability?