Honda Fury, sadly conventional factory chopper, revealed in patent images

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These images, from a patent application filed by American Honda, reveal the Honda Fury factory chopper in all its played-out glory. Only coming half a decade or more after the chopper trend was in full swing, it’s expected that the Fury will be officially unveiled at the New York round of the International Motorcycle Show on January 16th.

Update: Thanks to the VTXOA we’ve found the Fury’s complete patent filing, check it out in the gallery above. It looks like the Fury is getting a front-mounted radiator tucked neatly between the frame rails and not an underseat unit as we initially believed. Remember, you can click the images for larger versions.
While these shots are light on technical detail — we’re expecting a
hidden, underseat radiator — they do show off the derivative design.
Check out the huge gap in the frame above the fuel-injected 1300cc-ish
v-twin, the heavily raked forks and the tiny fuel tank. We expect the rest
of the Fury to be completely conventional, using a 5-speed gearbox and
shaft drive.

We can’t help but be pretty disappointed by the Fury. Not only is it
extremely late to the Chopper party, but it’s just so damned
conventional, not even trying to do anything new. Anything at all new.
Word on the street is, American Honda has a fancy new marketing
campaign to go with the bike that’ll use equally dated buzzwords like
“viral” and “social media.” It looks like the Fury is going to
desperately need it.

  • contender

    What exactly is new/innovative enough on this heap to necessitate a patent?

    • thejesus

      or a new story.

  • Strada

    Its an interesting idea of having a smaller displacement “chopper”, although its missing a few basic “chopper” elements.

    We expressed our thoughts on choppers here,

  • mototom

    this bike is a technical and styling tour de force. the pointy thing at the end of the shaft drive definitely deserves a patent as well as all the other pointy thingies on the turn signals and license plate mounting. in fact if there were a few more pointy thingies or some barbed wire graphics on the bike it would qualify as an entirely new design. i sense the hand of OCC in this outburst of creativity.

  • martialstax

    Of course it’s conventional. It’s a cruiser. Cruiser riders are extremely conservative in their tastes. I’m sure it’ll sell better than their DN-01. Okay, so maybe i”m not placing the bar very high with that example, but still, I’m sure Honda will sell enough to make it profitable.

  • coho

    I expected more from Honda for many years.
    Now I only expect this

  • thomashenny

    Shaft drive on a V-twin? I have only seen Honda use shaft on their 4 cylinders but they were horizonally opposed. Can someone help me find where this configuration was used before? Maybe I’m not looking hard enough.

    • Gary Sideburn

      Honda + V-twin + Shaft drive = CX500

      • coho

        Honda + V-twin + Shaft drive = Shadow

        • thomashenny

          thanks Coho, this is what I was talking about.

      • thomashenny

        Thanks Gary but that setup is more like Moto Guzzi’s, where the pistons are left to right instead of front to back.

    • Norman

      Honda has used a shaft drive on shadows and the VTX line since the late 90′s. It is something that really ads umph to the power transfer from transmission to wheel.

      • drjohndee

        Shaft drive is the least efficient way of transmitting power to the rear wheel, in terms of lost hp. Chain is best, with belt an increasingly decent compromise.

    • Nick

      The Yamaha Virago series of bikes used a shaft drive on a V-Twin platform and was madly successful for a long time. They were sized from 250 to 1100cc’s and were part of the reason for the tariffs on Japanese bikes over 750cc’s from 1984 to 1987 in order for Harley-Davidson to make its comeback from the AMF debacle. I have a Virago and a Harley V-Rod in the garage and I enjoy both of them for what they are. The shaft drive on the Virago is crisp and almost maintenance free even today, and it is a 1986, 700cc model.
      I think Honda will attract people who want the look of a chopper but aren’t all freaked out about having the performance award for horsepower and torque “maxed out on the dyna”. Most of your “casual” and weekend riders aren’t going to be concerned about anything but “the look”. Unless its overpriced, I think it will sell.

    • User

      I have shaft drive on my Sabre 1100. Also the VTX models have shaft drive.

    • Mike

      I own a Honda VTX 1800 V twin shaft drive. Been around since 2002.

    • Mark

      Look again. Honda has been using reliable maintaince free shaft drives on thier 1300 and 1800 V-Twin VTX’s for at least 7 years! I own a 2003 VTX 1800 with V&H pipes and a Corbin seat and I LOVE this bike. It holds it’s own in a group 50 HD’s just fine. But this Honda Fury? HD should take notice because they WILL lose a legion of loyal HD’ers to this bike once they experience Honda reliability, price savings and the solid performance that is Honda. The Fury is an awesome bike out of the box. I can’t wait till third party parts get out there! Then, you’ll see a Honda like never before!

    • Jim Giles

      1983-86 VT 500 Shadow

  • Brian Evans

    Typical Honda. This is why I don’t really ever find myself all that interested in buying a Honda.

    • Ben Dover

      honda builds the best bikes.
      harley davison has a cool logo…wew hew.

  • Ben Part

    It looks like a 13 year old’s rendition of a chopper, scribbled in the back of a chemistry exercise book when teacher wasn’t looking. But worse.
    In fact wait a minute I think Honda have been to my Mum’s house & stolen one of mine from 1981.

  • Ben(pi)

    I’ve seen the “not to be revealed” photos that the Honda Reps are touting around to dealers. It’s nothing special. Basically the VTX1300 with a wide rear tire, a skinny tall front wheel, and a frame/rake to match. It still has the hideous turn signals that Honda likes to use, and the text blurb is way over the top, starting with (and please don’t quote me as I can’t remember 100%) “This is the chopper you would build if you had a factory, not a garage.”

    It’s a fine bike, but nothing ground breaking, or earth shattering. They’ve already over-hyped it, so if you’re still holding your breath for something special, breathe, cause this ain’t it. A nice replacement for the VTX1300 C, sure, but they should have just released it as such, oh and fuel injected the rest of the 1300′s while they were at it.

  • derrick

    Looks like a shaft drive version of a Victory. The alternative options to this are far less appealing anyways. A step up from what I see.

  • Hancock

    I can’t begin to articulate just how freaking lazy it is of Honda to release/market this pile. Who gives a crap? Soichiro Honda is surley spining in his grave. Safe, easy and profitable how very weak.

  • DoctorNine

    @thomashenny: “..Shaft drive on a V-twin? I have only seen Honda use shaft on their 4 cylinders but they were horizonally opposed. Can someone help me find where this configuration was used before?..”

    As stated, this was used on the Honda CX series, as well as the full line of horizontally opposed V-twins from Moto Guzzi. I suspect that the patents involve some new transmission system/balancer arrangement that works to make this cylinder arrangement work well with the shaft drive. But we will see, won’t we?

    • thomashenny

      DoctorNine, Moto Guzzi pistons are standing up. To me, horizontally opposed means the pistons are going left and right instead of up and down. After looking, I found my perfect example in the Yamaha BT 1100 Bulldog.

  • drjohndee

    Shaft drive on a Honda V-twin: Revere.

    As for the Fury … Honda should give up on customs/cruisers and come back when they’ve thought of something worthwhile. BMW pulled out of that segment a few years ago and are only just returning now, after a total rethink; Ducati developed the Monster range after giving up on choppers in the ’80s. If Honda give themselves (and us!) a break and go back to the drawing board we might see something new — although of course, the DN-01 might actually be it.

  • mototom

    I posted on this once before but I’m still pissed off.
    Perhaps next year they can discover “tribal” graphics or offset rear license plate mounts and introduce this pile of offal as another break through design.
    Of course the sales reps don’t want the pictures released. They’re bloody embarassed. As they should be.

    Honda + VTwin + Shaft Drive = who cares

    Hopefully Soichiro will rise from the dead and rip the idiots who succeeded him a new keester.


  • drjohndee

    Factory choppers are over. Factory cafe racer is the next big thing. You heard it here first. :)

  • Jonesy

    Im with drjohndee, Factory Chopper things is over, unless you look at Yamaha’s raider which i wouldn’t call a chopper just nice metric cruiser that isn’t pretending to be a chopper, And i hope we get to see some Cafe Racers soon…! Like the CB1000F previously shown in Red Rider, lets see real delivery if they promise stuff this time around (no CBX or NR Let downs!)

  • Julius Camelio

    In my opinion it looks good. Its a Honda so it is a quality bike. I don’t understand why everyone is so negative. I would probably consider buying it.

    • kc

      your right julius nothing against these guys that are bagging it but the way I look at it if your gonna get fucked by an american manufacturer you might as well get fucked less by a foregin manufacturer.

  • Matt

    Looks like it might be nice to look at for a production metric but somebody should clue Honda in that a shaft drive on a Chopper is just sacrilege! =(

  • David

    A bimbo, by the name of Gloria, in their Torrance office told me just this morning the Fury was in dealerships. When I asked V&H about aftermarket pipes, they told me it hadn’t hit the streets. I called back and was informed (by Michelle, I think) that Gloria is clueless. Their customer service sucks! If you ask to be speak to a supervisor about bad call reps, they don’t allow you to speak to them. Interesting way of doing business. I’m sorry to say I own three Honda motorcycles. I was excited about seeing this one, but don’t want to do business with such an f’d up organization.

  • Old's Kool

    Been around since the ’60s when AEE was the chopper king. Have ridden and owned various makes of bikes and still have the greatest love for my Harley’s. But I’ve always thought every bike offers something to somebody.

    After seeing a lot more pics of the Fury then mentioned here and watching a video and listening to the exhaust, I think this bike is quite a nice custom. Bobbers, choppers, customs, rats are all different and should not be put into one description. The thing is we have to wait and see what they want for this ride. $13,000 to ride a custom like this wouldn’t be bad in hard times like these.

    In these times even Harley is copying metrics with the VRod, so why bad mouth Honda for copying choppers. Don’t forget, a lot of customs you see don’t even have a Harley engine in them. S&S’s and other are in quite a few.

    Also, real fact is, if most people here had to kick there bike over and work on it themselves…they’d probably wouldn’t even be riding. You know who you are.

    • jon

      old’s kool, you hit it square on in the last part.what a bunch of bitchy little girls. change is scary, right ladies? if we all don’t ride what joe blow rides, then we all suck. it’s a motorcyle. shut yer pie hole and just enjoy what YOU are riding. why would you even give a rats ass what someone else is doing?

    • kc

      all I can say is WORD…………..

    • 2obeyy

      indeed!! spent many hours with triumphs,and their lucas electronics,bing carbs,need we say more? after watching,reading and not being narrow minded :]. basically an of the shelf [in some places] while a good fit and honda is reliable, times are tough but we can still choose what we know. i like the bike myself, good call old’s kool

  • Vee Jazz

    I’m feeling you Old’s Kool. I think Honda is doing what HONDA does, and quite successfully I might add, to this point. We all ride what we prefer or what we can afford. If you don’t like it, don’t buy it. Truth is, whatever we ride will get us down the road, and some of them including Hondas get you there without having to make as many pit stops for repairs. It’s just as crazy as being upset because we are not all the same color. This is America, deal with the mix! We are blessed to have many of the freedoms and choices that we have.

  • Ricky

    I have been a honda fan for many years until now. I have lost all faith in honda to create a belt or chain motorcycle that looks good. The Fury should have been belt or chain. There is just to much power reduction with shaft drive. I own three honda’s and two yamaha’s. I will never buy another honda after this incompitance on their part!

  • JD

    I kinda like the look. Honda doesn’t use a chain because they build GTO bikes. Gas, tires, and Oil. That’s all you’ll likely need in the first 50k miles on a Honda. That’s why people buy Honda from sedans to lawn mowers. They are unwaveringly reliable. You go to the garage, start it up and go. Especially with the EFI, no oil leaks on the floor, not gas leaks, no leaving a not for the wife to come pick you up if it brakes down. Just fire and go. This bike offers a different style on the same concept and I’m confident it’ll be a home run.
    It’s easy to poo poo metrics, but once you grow up and learn to enjoy riding for the sake of riding and quit caring about what other people think about your bike and how the highschool kids think my exhaust is louder than yours, Honda makes a fantastic cruiser. This will be no different.

  • CHL

    Come on folks give me a break. You all know if it had Harley on the tank you would all be goo goo over it and not have enough good words to say about it.

    • steve

      I agree. Nothing wrong with a metric. I have a M109R and Harley guys dman near crash to catch up and take a look only to look away and pretend they weren’t interested once they get closer and realise what caught their eye was a Jap bike. To be honest I’ll take any of them but for nearly double the money of a metric to get a Fatboy or whatever the hell else they make I wouldn’t bother. Don’t get me wrong, I like Harleys but not for their value, reliability, performance, comfort or quality.

  • John

    This is a pretty cool new bike. There is a new forum you can discuss it at:

    Check it out:

  • Thom_Raider

    I bought my first bike in many, many years just 3 months ago. Some of my criteria was that it be somewhat unique, fun to ride and comfortable. All of those seem to be personal preferences. So what’s to say that someone won’t find those quailities in the new Fury? When I stop for gas, and check out the other rides, I am not bragging on mine, but instead appreciating theirs. If you listen, you might just hear some cool stories. I say, Live and Let Ride.

  • jay

    Honda dirt bikes and sport bikes use chains, but the rest of the lineup is civilized. My 91 st1100 has an odd mix of a horizontal V4 with shaft and purrs as new with 90k on the clock.

    A local LEO mentioned that the belt drive on the HD was apt to pick up pebbles that weaken the belt when turned over the sprocket. When coming up to speed to grab a speeder the belts had failed often.

    Look how the Fury hides the shaft. Perhaps some bling company will make a phoney chain-gaurd or some other nonsense bolton for this too squared-away area of the machine.


    My first Harley was made in Italy! Harley put drive shafts on thier motorcycles during the Africa campain. Harley engines were water cooled for migit auto racing. I say go Honda! If Harley wants to sit on it’s ass. I hope Honda shows the guts and American like enthusiazime. We were once used to seeing from our own mfgrs.

  • emil pellerin

    Good job honda Love the new Fury.

  • Lol

    If this was made by Ford or Harley, you sheep would be all over it.

  • bob

    thank god, something other than the boring harley mush

  • uohn

    This bike will sell. Half the price of a Harley dependability second to none, people will buy these bikes like hot cakes.

  • Walt


  • blackdove

    some of these comments are silly. i have ridden since 65. started on a 305 dream, then a 64 norton atlas, 68 triumph, 79 goldwing and now an 1100 shadow spirit that has near 100,000 miles on it. i love going by starbucks to hear the harley boys go… yeah its a harley!! the fury is looking like another honda success.

    • Mafix

      agreed, i will be trading in my 07 shadow spirit for one of these. it’s exactly what i’ve been looking for and has all the things i want. a couple changes and i’ll happy.

  • YellowScooter

    The Honda Fury is one gourgeous meteric cruiser. It’s got it all. Simplicity, clean look, maintenance free, & fuel injected.
    How can any bike capable of going on a road trip through the rocky mountains, without touching a single wrench, be considered a POS by anyones standards? Is it because for a road trip, other folks pack tools and carb jets, while I’m packing clean shorts and condoms? Envy perhaps?
    Far as styling, I’d give it a set of chrome sabre-blade style wheels, a pair of Reinhardts, one of those blower scoop looking air cleaners, and a pair of leather saddlebags. Later, during the cold season, I’d give it a custom paint scheme.

    • Kane

      I wasn’t expecting any revolutionizing technology neither. Why reinvent the wheel if the wheel is already here, tried, and true?
      The media overhypes everything. We should all be used to that by now.
      IMHO, The Fury is a clean looking chopper styled metric. If only the 1800 were an option, I’d buy one without hesitation.
      I hear ya on those Reinhardts Yellow, (those stockers look all wrong don’t they?) I’m sure they can be added to the negotiatin table though. ;-)

  • steve

    get rid of the front fender, turn signals, reflectors, change the handle bars and mirrors, the pipes have to go, some aftermarket company will produce good looking and sounding pipes in the near future as well as an air box. ignore the shaft drive, it is what it is, it’s a Honda. the 1300cc engine will provide enuf power. also need to figure out how to get the rear fender closer to the tire, it looks like Honda just didn’t finish the “chopper look” back there. with another $2K or so and some cool pinstriping you could have a presentable ride.

    • applianceguru1

      Steve!I run a Black 94 Shadow VLX600 (VT600C) with no front fender over a metzler laser, no signals/reflectors, jardine pipes that go from harley chug right up to ducati scream; removed both rear view mirrors, added one mirror to left that hangs below bars (rare factory drag style bars), butternut color corbin gunfighter solo saddle 24.5″ seat height/180 rear tire, totally bobbed the rear, relocated tag to left rear upper frame tube, custom airbox…plans for raked tree/flat black paint/powdercoat spokes/air susp. etc…I think honda been spying on me!

  • Fred

    I rode the fury today, this bike runs strong and looks awsome in person.At 12900.00 this bike will fly out the door.

  • Larry

    Now you will see all the Harley dirtbags talking trash. Harleys are a true mess with ancient technology. Bottom line – Honda cannot be touched while a Harley is like a freakin’ Ford, typical American nightmare. You won’t see any ugly fat chics on a Fury, but you will on a dirtyass, overpriced, piece of S*%T trashy Harley!

  • TexasTomahawk

    As soon as I can, I will buy one. I can’t believe all the trash talk. Not everyone can afford expensive motorcyles. Many folks have had their HDs, Big Dogs, etc. repo’d because they can’t keep up with the crazy payments. I’m not going to B.S. anyone by showing up at a bar with a $30-40K motorcyle and talk smack to folks that do not make that much money. This Fury has everyone I wish I had on my 03 Sabre. For $13K, hell yeah! I will not put anyone down because they don’t ride a Cadillac Escalade. What if you have a family (like I do) and can only afford a Blazer? Would i be an A-Hole if I talked smack to you because of that? Same thing with the HD folks that talk smack to non-HD owners.

  • Don Boivin

    I have checked out this new bike from Honda and I ready like it. I think the styling is very nice. I have checked out the styling and specs on most of the other bikes out there and to me this bike rules!! If for some reason, some of you do not agree…oh well…do you even ride motorcycles?

  • salty

    I had been searching for a reasonably styled custom “chopper” for years. Something that was reliable, something I could drive 200 miles without pain and comfortable. I gave up and was in a Honda dealer yeasterday to look at Sport Tourers and saw the Fury. I left the store, drove to my bank and was driving it an hour later. It is exactly what I was looking for. I’ve ordered the short sissy bar, backrest and windshield. With those added it’s not going to be bad going to up either.

    I love this bike!

  • DanTana

    I’ve had’em all, from my ’66 XLCH, to my 07′ Hammer. Honda should build Hondas, not try to look like anything else.

  • al

    I sold my ultra classic and was looking at custom choppers,being just retired and on a fixed income it just didn’t look possible.that is untill i saw this,went and sat on it,then bought it,i love this thing,everybody thinks there bike is the best,this is the best for me. again i love this bike!

  • LDJ

    I have a 2000 Honda Valkyrie with shaft drive with ZERO problems. I just sold a CBR 1100 XX AFTER I purchased the Fury. Most people that hate on the metrics is usually because they paid too much on an overpriced HD and while their bike is in the shop. Mine are out on the road.
    I work hard for my money so I buy quality things with it that are dependable and last a long time. When I sold my CBR 1100 it had 54K miles on it and still fired on the first try.
    I have friends that have American Iron Horses and Big Dogs but they rarely ride except to bike night. With the Fury you have a great bike from a great bike manufacturer that you can ride everyday.
    Like I do.

  • James Eli

    I own a Yamaha Raider and I read the comparison of the Raider and the Fury and right away it sounds like who ever wrote it they either work for Honda or had something really good to smoke.

  • Merlyn Compton

    First I must say I believe a lot of people putting down the Honda Fury is nothing more than sour grapes!
    1. On a tank of gas you can go well over 120 miles before the warning light comes on. If you ride more than 120 miles before stopping maybe you should be riding a Gold Wing or a ST1300 remember this is a cruiser.
    2. Many say the engine is small, but it will go off and leave a Road king with stage 1 kit in the dust, but again it is a cruiser not a crotch rocket. If you are looking for all out speed ride a sport bike or a Boss Hoss which goes 75 miles on a 7 gal. tank of gas
    3. Looks are a personal thing, but I have a Fury (4 kmiles)and everywhere I go everyone says how good it looks. It is hard to get started again whe we stop for gas because it draws a crowd. I ride with a guy on a customized 1800 and a guy with a Road King and the Fury gets all the attention. Oh yeah I didn’t have to pay 25k for it either! I have rode the mountain roads and it rides great, my only complaint is the seat gets tiring after about 75 miles or so non-stop, but all factory seats suck. Corbin or Mustang will fix that. I have been riding well over 40 years and have rode many brands and this is the best and most fun one of the bunch.
    4. Many don’t like the shaft drive for some reason, but with a Harley you get a shaft every time you purchase any thing from the dealer, you just get it in a different place.
    5. As they used to say different strokes for different folks. That’s why there so many brands and types, but don’t expect one bike to be a cruiser, sport bike, tourer and a dirt bike.

  • joey

    I just bought a fury and love it! it does need louder exhaust and the speed regulater sucks but it is awesome to ride plus you get hondas reliability. I still have my 86 shadow vt1100 with shaft drive and 127,000miles and never a problem.

  • CD

    I HAVE A HONDA SHADOW 1983 STILL STARTS FIRST START get that 30 yrs old ridden daily or sitting for weeks 1ST start. HONDA ROCKS IN MY BOOKS

  • Zany

    I have a Harley, love it when it is working, spends a lot of time in the shop. So I looked at the new Fury, and right away saw potensal. But a few key things jumped out at me like; 1) the handle bars are made for 5 foot nothing folks to feel good, but us 5’11″ and taller can feel real unhappy, even make you feel cramped! The Handle Bars are bent to many times, they should have flowed with the lines of the bike. Honda better be quick and come out with taller bars or they will loose a large segment of the riders. The feel of the bike is great, little under powered but can be fixed by agood intake,power commander,exhaust,and a little twecking. Exhaust piping is a little strange too, Cobra for now, hope the other aftermarket folks get in on this! overall, it’s my next fun bike to park next to my Harley. It will never be a long distance bike, but a a all around town and back country bike it is! Great job Honda, now fix those Bars! Please

  • Dave Hartley

    Just read ALL comments, Laughed til my guts hurt. Still got a CX500 1978 model. It is what it is,

    Stay shiny side up. BEAR from Oz.

  • Jasek78

    i have a 1997 dyna wg, and a 2006 big dog k-9 rigid, i like the look and feel of the fury, its comfortable, with afew aftermarket parts it will be quick enough and i bet you i won’t need to carry a tool kit and locktite everywhere i go like i do with my other bikes, unlike most harley riders with sticks in their asses, i rode with the KOA PUNA in hawaii for years, we didn’t care what your bike was, the fact that your riding is what counts. harley could have done the same thing and made a chopper style bike as well but they are to busy marketing coats and gloves to rip off yuppies, riding makes you cool, riding a harley just means you paid way to much for a bike you need to repair daily been riding about 16 years now and i don’t care what you have or i have, its the open rode that i like no matter what i’m on but get past the “its a hog” BS they call them hogs because they hog up any extra money you might have.. im selling my big dog and retiring the wide glide, i’ll buy 2 fury’s with what i get for my big dog lol and i hope the yuppy with the little pee pee who buys it is happy getting robbed lol

  • Roger

    Any one know when this patent was filed?

  • Richard

    Bought my first Honda after owning only Harley. Can’t say enough about the Fury. Low lines, sleek, and smooth running. No more numbing of the hands due to vibration, although the ladies kind of liked the vibration, for what ever reason. Just waiting for more after market parts, like a taller sissy bar, and saddle bags, and those Harley look-a-like slip on mufflers with accompanying brackets. Can also use 2 inch risers for the handle bars.

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