Icon Warthog will shoot you in the face

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Understanding that there’s something childish at the heart of every biker, we’re not going to be our usual pretentious selves and criticize this custom ZX-10R for failing to live up to high-minded design ideals. Instead, we’re going to imagine the degree to which this bike would have rocked our nine-year-old worlds. Complete with an A-10-mimicking Gatling gun, the Icon Warthog is the living embodiment of the glamorous danger, primal violence and fearsome independence that every little kid subconsciously associates with motorcycles. But, Icon didn’t just stop with the bike, it made a music video too.

The Warthog was built to accompany the firm’s Domain II Warthog helmet,
which achieves a lesser degree of awesomeness due to its lack of
external weaponry. Based on a 2004 ZX-10R (the best one), Icon added
some unknown engine tuning to achieve 188rwhp, a totally pointless
800-watt sound system (really think you can hear it over those rocket
launcher pipes?), a Tailgunner exhaust repurposed as a forward-facing
Gatling gun and an LCD screen that can both play GI Joe reruns or
display the rear-view video feed.

If this were an Orange County Chopper, the Teutul family would have
built this in complete homoerotic seriousness, then, without a trace of
irony, dedicated it to some paraplegic veteran. But they didn’t, and we
get the feeling that Icon put this thing together and painted it with a
sense of humor. It’s a show bike, it’s not meant to work better than
the motorcycle it’s based on, it’s meant to plant the biker seed in
little kids and, at that, it succeeds.

Icon via Motoflash

  • http://triumphdaytona675.wordpress.com Sam

    Ha, that is brilliant. I want one! It’s great to see a company having fun with motorbikes rather than being all serious and ‘on message’.

  • Tom Neel

    I would love to ride this with flip-flops, no helmet etc…

  • Tom Ward

    I’m not sure I’m digging the sub embedded into the bodywork. The only music you need on a beast like this is the roar of the engine and the beautiful percussion of something to the tune of 6000 rounds per minute. The peace sign on the front fender is a nice touch, though.

  • rob addison

    Notice that bro obviously had to run without all the plastics to the blast the wheelies.

  • rob addison

    Yea dyslexia!

  • Stu

    Certainly would make a great peak hour commuter!!

    BTW at closer look that peace sign has ‘Peace Through Superior Firepower’ around it.


  • http://www.rideicon.com Jason Fullington

    Hey guys it’s Jason from Icon again! Happy to see you like this one too!! This was a fun build! Tailgunner helped me out a lot on this by providing the exhausts pipes and cannon. You can see the bike and the article they and I wrote as well on their site. http://www.tailgunnerexhaust.com/news08.php

    Thanks for featuring the bikes that we build here at Icon!!!

    We got more on the way!!!

  • http://www.rideicon.com Jason Fullington

    Oh and the video bike is not the ZX10 it is our militaristic version of a Ducati 900SS.

  • martialstax

    It’s probably just me, but I was hoping the A-10 would waste the biker.

  • Tom Ward

    What is the song in the video?

  • http://www.rideicon.com Jason Fullington

    Music on the video: Konqistador – Kill Konstantine