Massimo Tamburini departs MV Agusta

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Iconic motorcycle designer Massimo Tamburini is resigning his position as MV Agusta Design Chief effective December 31, 2008. “I have dedicated a significant part of my career in motorcycle design to Cagiva and MV Agusta and am immensely proud of the beautiful and thrilling motorcycles we have created,” Tamburini stated. “While my decision to retire was extremely difficult to make, I am confident the highly-talented  designers and engineers in San Marino will continue the tradition of excellence that is the hallmark of MV Agusta.”
Tamburini will now pursue “design interests outside the motorcycle
field.” Coming so soon after Harley-Davidson acquired MV Agusta, it’s
inevitable that inferences will be made that Tamburini is departing as
a result of that purchase. No official statement has been made by
either Tamburini or MV Agusta to that effect.

One of the most iconic motorcycle designers of all time, Tamburini is
best known for the Ducati 916 and the MV Agusta F4 (which was
originally conceived as a replacement for the 916), as well as the
Cagiva Mito and Ducati Paso. All four of those bikes are in the photo
gallery above.

We can only hope that retirement gives Tamburini the opportunity to
shed some light on the incredibly insular world of Italian motorcycle
design. His career is surrounded by controversy, including rumors that
it was his protégé, Pierre Terblanche, who actually penned the face of the 916.

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  • bruxell

    He’s also pretty well known for being the “ta” in the Bimota marque, and for designing most of their early bikes.

  • Ben(pi)

    I don’t believe that Treblanche penned the 916. His supermono, and his subsequent designs have a very different feel then the 916.

  • Deckard

    Tamburini himself even admits that the 916 was a rip-off of the Honda NR750. Big deal. Terblanche can’t polish Massimo’s shoes.

  • EJ25RUN

    I hope this has nothing to do with Harley Davidson purchase of MV Agusta. A man of his stature should leave a company with the utmost of respect.

  • ducatipaso

    Massimo, please come back to ducati! =)

  • LADucSP

    oh yeah? no shit. just put that picture of Tamburini up next to one of Willie G…and, duh! of course he’s gone.

  • gappy

    I have been following Tamburini since 1981, and this is the first time I hear Terblanche ghost-designed the 916. As mentioned by one poster, TAmburini was a cofounder of BIMOTA with BIanchi and MOrri. For 15 years Bimotas based on Suzuki and Kawasaki engines had beautiful designs, very coherent, fluid and simple. Check them out to get a measure of what Tamburini has done. Ducati and MV are just the last two chapters of a long career.

    It would be great if Tamburini could design an innovative cruiser.

  • v

    yep bimota is all that remains of a once thriving culture of building custom frames with japanese engines.. early jap bikes we’re all about the engine…and that was about it..the frame suspension etc sucked big it was not uncommon for people to buy a jap bike and go to a tuner and have it refited with custom frame and other stuff(depending on the budget..but the frame was a must)
    the 916 and f4 are probably the most beautiful sportbikes..they look fresh even today after all these years have passed i was at a bike meet last summer on my trusty(well..almost) husqy tard and there was a 750 mv in all it’s red&silver beauty…i swear most people we’re taking pics and paying attention to that 10 year old bike than the brand spanking new japs next to it