Photo Finish: Crowd control

Dailies -


LIFE-scooters.jpgPhoto: Stan Wayman

1971. Washington D.C. Scooter patrol rolls through a cloud of tear gas used to disperse anti-war protesters.

  • Sasha Pave

    Oh come on, its a vintage vespa: That’s just crappy 2 stroke oil and an overzealous injector. Hang out at the back of the pack during a scooter rally and its far worse :)

  • Travis

    They have scooter rallies? Are you sure it wasn’t a gay pride parade? Hahaha only kidding.

  • jconli1

    if ever there was an American city perfectly designed for drunken scooter hoonage, its DC. Almost makes me miss it. Almost.

  • karl

    Hey I was there as a 13 year old with my older sister. We didn’t hang for the real radical stuff which started on the monday after the political action (May day ’71) so I split before this was shot.

    What a time, five dollar lids of weed. So much better tasting and not so potent. I’ve quit since and am harvesting a thc free alternative.