RockMoto combines music and motorcycles, gets groovy with young folk

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dirty_pretty_things.jpgPhoto: PunkPhoto

Kids these days. It seems that they don’t even want to ride motorcycles anymore. How do you reach them? While we advocate corporal punishment, others seem to think it’s more effective to influence them through a medium they understand. That’s where RockMoto comes in. By highlighting existing links between music and motorcycles it hopes to ingratiate bikes into the teenage world. 

Think of RockMoto as a one-stop shop for content capable of reaching the next
generation of riders. There’s videos of famous musicians talking about
riding bikes a community section where like-minded people can share
playlists and ride videos and a pretty decent Internet radio station
run through the awesome Pandora Radio.

While this isn’t the most credible, most cutting edge publication, it
doesn’t attempt to be. Rather, it’s a product of Discover Today’s
Motorcycling, the communications service bureau of the Motorcycle
Industry Council. As an industry attempt to reach a new
audience it’s meant to combine with DTM’s already successful effort to
reach out to mainstream media. RockMoto compliments that PR by creating
direct to user content that’s refreshingly content-focused, delivering
its message subtly.

We’re excited to see the industry finally figuring out that there’s
life beyond tired enthusiast print publications and look forward to the
gradual redirection of resources to the kind of media the audience
they’re seeking actually reads. While RockMoto is still in its early
days and there’s a limited amount of content currently available, we’re
looking forward to seeing what it can do.


  • Hugh Pfabe

    I think this is a great idea. I’m not sure it’s really going to bring in any new riders, though it may expose bands to a new crowd. Either way, should be fun to watch, and listen to.

    I did sign up on the site, but it said they’ll email me my login info once the site goes live…

  • Hugh Pfabe

    Oh, and despite the above youtube video saying you can win free gear and free rider training, I don’t see this anywhere on the site, at least what I can access.

    • Wes

      You should still be able to log in, just use the username and password you registered with. The site’s still in its infancy, be patient.