Roland Sands SuperSingle concepts possibly greatest ever

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Update: Roland Sands built the CR500, however the white XR400 and YZF450 were built by Thor Drake and Drake McElroy, respectively. We’ll have more info with new photos shortly.

Our buddy Steve over at AutoFiends just sent us these shots of three new concepts from Roland Sands Design that premiered at the Long Beach edition of the International Motorcycle Show. I think we can confidently state that they’re the coolest bikes at the show. Similar to the RSD SuperSingle race bikes, they use minimal modification, mostly stock components and road race forks to achieve a wholly greater result than the single-cylinder dirt bikes they’re based on.

While the CR500-based streetfighter is the most intriguing performance
prospect, we’re digging the style of the XR400 café racer. All three
bikes will combine very low weights with grunty, characterful engines
and incredibly capable handling. They’d be ideal both for experienced
riders tired of the lack of challenge and involvement in modern liter
bikes (us basically) and new riders looking for something high-spec,
stylish and unintimidating to ride.

Roland, you need to put these bikes or something like them into production as soon as possible.

Roland Sands Design via AutoFiends

  • Jay

    Been planning an XR based street bike for awhile. Roland is a step ahead again.

  • doug

    i just threw up a little in my mouth again.

    i did not think it possible, but these suck more than the rsd honda rr1000.

  • Matt

    Fantastic designs and follow thru. I love these bikes am terribly tempted to take my DRZ400 and start ripping into it. It’s going to be a cold winter and I’m going to need something to do. I’m beginning to think that this type of bike, wether modern or old skool, is the future for a whole lot of bikers. Either new to biking or jaded with the superbike scene.

  • rob addison

    Whoa fugly is what i’m thinking.

  • martialstax

    I wonder what statement Roland is trying to make by displaying the Honda on a coffin.

    I love all three. Sporty singles are non-stop fun.

  • contender

    Aside from the brown leather seat/rear I think these are fantastic. So good I think they make up for the hyper motard he had a part in.

  • hoyt

    White seems to be the color of choice for many in late ’08-’09

  • carlos

    500cc 2 stroke, minimal frame, for use on the track? I want in. Could it possibly be tuned to perform on par with some liter bikes?

  • jody

    WTF ! i saw these things at the IMS show a few weeks back. i just shook my head. those bike are more of a work of art than an actual functioning motorcycle. Roland must have been smokin the good shit when he came up with these ….

  • christian

    It just like the Honda’s GB 400-500.

  • Jon

    That’s gotta be a CB400F tank on the cafe bike. I loooove my ’75! Not fast, not quick but what a song. No other bike sounds like it.

    The XR400 café looks to be right up my alley.

  • emil

    Any one know what kind of tank is on the yzf450?? i need one!!!!

  • Seth

    Emil, Ditto on that tank! I’ve been searching the classifieds here in Cincy for a YZ450F since I saw the IMS write up in Scoot Quarterly. Now it’s on HellForLeather so we should be able to get more info. HFL we’re counting on you!