Rossi face replica AGV GP-Tech helmet goes on sale

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For some reason, Valentino Rossi is only current MotoGP rider that wears really original helmets. We’re guessing the reason for that is also the reason that he’s the only current MotoGP rider that we really care about. Of those helmets, the Rossi face that he wore at this year’s Mugello round easily stands out. Now, AGV is selling a limited edition replica of that helmet. Based on the range-topping GP-Tech, it uses all the same safety features as Rossi’s helmet, including the carbon/Kevlar shell. While we think the Rossi face rep is really cool, we think it’d be much cooler to have your own face painted on a helmet of your choosing. Pull up at a café in one of these and everyone’s just going to be disappointed when you pull it off.


  • Jason

    Cool collector’s item. Too bad that 0.0001 percent of the US populace will recognize and/or appreciate it. :o(

    My personal favorite #46 helmet is the aboriginal sun/moon design from last year.

  • Adam

    That’s sick. I’m afraid to look at the price, but I’d look stupid with that helmet on my Shadow.

  • Goober

    >> Too bad that 0.0001 percent of the US populace will recognize and/or appreciate it. :o(

    haha… I am apparently in the other 99.9999% =)

    I know who Rossi is, but the first time I saw a pic of the helmet I was pretty sure, for at least a couple of seconds, that it was Steve-O of MTV’s Jackass.

  • david drennan

    can someone help me i am looking to buy rossi (my face) helmet at a fair price where can i buy this

    thanks david

    • Paul

      I have a brand new “in the box” Rossi face helmet medium if your interested.


      • Dave Smith

        I have an original limited run unused and boxed face helmet if you want to make me a decent offer.