Ruby Belvedere: a Pavillon with a visor

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Ruby_Belvedere_1.jpgWe’re seriously impressed with the elegance achieved by adding a visor to the already classy Pavillon. Its lines are at once classic, yet attain a modern minimalism that accentuates the helmet’s proportions. So it’s a shame that the Ruby Belvedere uses such heavy-handed hinges.
Ruby_belvedere_2.jpgRuby hasn’t released an official price for the Belvedere yet, but
expect it to be noticeably more than the already pricy €500 Pavillon.

Ruby via MotoBlog

  • Sasha Pave

    Truly stunning. I can guess what the collectors will be wearing at the next Conours in Half Moon Bay.

  • Ben Part

    Re: the hinges Wes, your missing the Pierre Cardin point. It is a French helmet after all. Ruby is the future via 1967.

  • K Richard

    You’ll now be hearing “hello Dave…”

    In Dolby Surround.

    Compliments of your new HAL earmuffs.

  • chili sv

    BEL, open the garage bay doors.

  • Ben(pi)

    I like it, the lines are clean, even if the hinges are a little large. Maybe they hard edge (front view) of the hinges needs to be filleted to improve it. Now, 500 pounds, is a little silly even if they are made from Unicorn skins. Is it bad to both like a product, and loath those that will probably wear it?

  • james

    sweet, although i was in a serious motorcycle accident with a open face helmet with a Johnny O’Mara rock guards as my only face protection. The guard rail wasn’t impressed and rearranged my face. Luckily I came out of the hospital looking like Brad Pitt and have been humpin’ and dumpin’ ever since. Thank you open face helmet.

  • thomashenny

    Speaking of Pierre Cardin, for the last couple of years, I’ve seen several designers being influenced by the culture. Junya Watanabe had a whole collection of Vanson leathers and Louis Vuitton also has their own helmet and matching boots.