Shoei VFX-W motocross helmet uses new shell forming tech to achieve aggressive look

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We really like the exaggerated contours and sharp angles of the new range-topping Shoei VFX-W motocross helmet. They’re made possible by a new shell forming technology that delivers consistent thickness in hitherto impossible shapes. That technique should help the helmet survive the rough and tumble of daily use better than ever before as it does away with vulnerable external ventilation channels, but still delivers their air-ramming functionality — it’s now the tough, thick fiberglass and organic fiber shell that forms them rather than flimsy add-on plastic.
We’d assume that this technique should help reduce overall weight by a
small amount, at least compared to designs with lots of external wings
and vents, but Shoei hasn’t yet released official weights for the

Other features aren’t quite as new, but they do combine to make the
VFX-W a seriously high-spec helmet. The V430 peak is longer than ever
before and now features a matte black strip underneath its leading edge
to help reduce glare. The helmet also uses Shoei’s Emergency Quick
Release System that allows the cheek pads to be quickly, easily and
safely removed in the event of an accident, reducing the risk of neck
damage while removing the helmet form an unconscious rider’s head.


  • martialstax

    I’d be curious to know how those sharp edges and contours affect the helmet when it impacts the pavement or dirt. Will it dig in? Will they add pressure points at the point of impact? Will all that style make it a better helmet or a worse helmet?

    • Wes

      That’s a good question. We’d assume that Shoei would have thought of this and addressed it during the helmet’s development. But, no mention of anything similar is made in the helmet’s press materials and no one at the company will answer our emails, so we don’t know for sure.