Suomy Extreme Gold boots lack rainbows

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Suomy_Extreme_Gold.jpgWe don’t really know what to make of the emerging trend for really, really fruity race boots. First the Andrew Pitt Sidi Vortice and now the Suomy Extreme. We guess the Suomys are the less extravagant of the two, doing without the Sidi’s rainbows and adapting a slightly darker shade of gold. You’d better be either from the future or really, really fast if you want to pull these off. The Gold edition retains the Extreme’s high specification: they’re vented, use magnesium sliders on both the toe and heel and use all the injected plastic armor you’d expect.

Suomy via Motoblog

  • motostrano

    Speaking of fruit, have you seen these?

    • Wes

      Those are awesome!

  • MP

    Awww c’mon guys, stop being so square. These are actually sorta cool. Would I wear them….? Hmmm, maybe.

  • Tim

    even if they were cool, would they make it to the USA with a distributor like PU?

  • 6mt

    i don’t know why people think gold is fruity…….if some one gives me a pair, i’ll rock them for sure, anything is better than my GP1000 right now.

  • nw

    fruity?! i bet we all know adjectives that don’t put others down, let’s use ‘em!