Valentino Rossi rides the 2009 Yamaha R1

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2009_Yamaha_R1_lamp.jpgDespite its awkward looks, we’re still intrigued by the 2009 Yamaha R1. Why? Its M1-like long bang firing order. The idea came from Valentino Rossi’s MotoGP bike, which had trouble putting down its big, inline-four power. The solution? A spaced-out firing order that delivers one long power pulse, followed by a gap in which the tire can regain traction, then two smaller power pulses. Fitting the R1 with a crossplane crankshaft is one of the clearest examples of trickle-down racing technology reaching road bikes, so it makes sense that Rossi is pimping the R1 in Yamaha’s new commercial. >

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  • The Duke

    watch a little closer and you see that Vale is NOT doing the riding in those shots. Not AGV helmet and Alpinestar leathers are the big giveaway.

    That said I’m ready for the big pay per view event, Vale on the R1 and Bayliss on the 1098!

  • John.P

    That bike sounds like sex. If someone were to blindfold me, I would have said Ducati.

    • Whoop

      Which inline 4 Ducati would that be?

      Still not sold on any of the 09′s.

  • KungFuGrip

    The bike is hideous looking. And I mean hideous!! I saw it a few week ago at a bike show. How do you F up the former best looking bike on the market? Please tell.

    Looks aside… tech specs look incredible. What a shame…

  • Deckard

    Why didn’t they just put the M1 bodywork on it, and add some lights? The M1 is a great looking bike, the new R1 is ugly.


    I agree it’s not Vale riding but Rossi wears Dainese leathers not Alpinestars.

    And yes, the R1′s fugly.

  • Hiwatt Scott

    At least they had the sense to let us hear the engine, and not to add the standard thrash metal soundtrack.

  • Sasha Pave

    What’s up with the styling? Garish and uncharacteristic for the r1. It’s like the bike is evolving forward mechanically, backwards in style. I thought 2004 was a nice year for r1 design. I wonder if the bodywork is interchangeable.

  • Jose Quadri

    John P. is right.
    An inline four with crossplane crankshaft it´s like a duc v-four.
    Like a V-engine. Desmo sound.

  • Isaac

    I don’t think the video is saying Rossi is riding it. I believe it is saying that you could be like him if you get the R1. The bike in the video is not even the US spec bike.

  • Stephen

    Looks like Josh Herrin to me.

  • JDM Josh

    Well they definitely give the impression that he’s about to ride it with him putting his gloves and helmet on in slow mo’..