Zero S electric supermoto to arrive in spring

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zero-s-render.jpgZero Motorcycles has announced a new model: The Zero S. Due to arrive next spring, it’s a much-needed follow-up to the toy-like publicity generator that is the Zero X. The headline figures are a 70mph top speed, 60-mile range and 50lb/ft from the electric motor. It also looks like the street-legal S will be a full-size bike.
That torque figure is the most interesting thing about the Zero S; it’s
more than double that of the Quantya Strada. That, combined with the
60-mile range is going to need some serious battery capacity; all we
know is that it’ll be a “Patent-pending lithium ion array.” The company
does, however, plan an on-board quick charger, meaning all you’ll need
to top up is an outlet.

Zero Motorcycles is currently accepting $1,000 deposits on the Zero S.
While we find the promise in its concept intriguing, it remains to be
seen if the S will bring a level of componentry capable of matching its
claimed performance.

Zero Motorcycles
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  • Giggidy

    Hmmm I like my supermoto’s loud, offensive, and having bits fall off. Just like my husky.

    If its light and punchy enough, I guess we can all just make our own noise’s. BWWAAAAAAPPPPPP BWWAAAAAPPP

  • Sam

    I can’t wait for electric bikes to get their own look. If you think a lot of bike styling is functional because bits have to go in various places, engine, gearbox etc. Electric bikes have very different internals so they should look completely different, or at least they will eventually.

    I do suspect the electric car is a bit of a dead end – at least with current technology – but the electric bike really could change the world.


  • Elux Troxl

    Sorry, but those hubless wheels will never work.

    • Grant

      Elux, it’s a concept sketch buddy. Its only purpose in life is to point towards a direction, not show a final product.

  • sam

    it must have been a joke…. i hope