2009 Zero X beefs up electric dirt bike

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2009_Zero_X.jpgUpdate: Make sure you check out our 2009 Zero X Review review.

For 2009, Zero Motorcycles has comprehensively improved its popular Zero X electric dirt bike. The headline figure is 50lb/ft of torque, more than double that of the Quantya Strada that we rode around our 7th floor loft. It looks like the rest of the components have also been upgraded to cope with the added performance. Best of all, if all the above isn’t enough, there’s now an “Extreme Package” that features 10% more power, a higher top speed and more expensive suspension.
Frame and Swingarm:
- Hydroformed top tub for increased strength & reduced weight
- Massive swingarm for increased strength & torsional rigidity (better cornering and tracking)
- Large cylindrical swingarm cross tube for increased stiffness & suspension response
- Thru-axle rear hub for exponentially increased strength & rigidity
- Entire frame is shot-peened and anodized for resistance to corrosion and abrasion
- Organic frame gusseting for increased strength & smoother body lines
- New number plate that also doubles as part of the electrical system


- Hardened steel 420 Chain
- Front & rear accompanying 420 Sprockets
- Larger rear sprocket mounting/bolt pattern for increased durability and better management of high torque acceleration


- Direct mount (to fork crown) double clam stem for increased rigidity and control
- Increased rise and reduced reach stem for better control & stability
- Wider, taller, and stronger full sized dirt bike handlebar
- Higher strength hardened race headset for longer life & smoother turning


- 6 pot calipers front and rear
- Larger 9″ rotor in front
- Increased reservoir size for more responsive braking under high strain
- High thermal mass rear rotor for improved heat transfer

Instrument Panel:

- Easy access to gauges and switches – ‘quick look’ clustered instrumentation
- “Armed” light for increased awareness & safety
- Key switch with solenoid for added safety, peace of mind, security and ease of use
- New flush mounted rockers switches for speed settings (easy/sport and 30/60mph)
- Integrated battery power connector for ease of use and durability
- Integrated battery fuse for added safety in handling and adverse circumstances

Rear Wheel and Tire:

- Tall knobbed and grippy full size rear tire – 17X3.5
- Large lugged high strength rear rim 17 x 2.5″
- Thicker 12g spokes
- Custom oversized & reinforced hub

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  • mototom

    First electric thingy that specs out well enough to buy – and I’ll be contacting Zero today. Fantastic profile as well.

    • http://hellforleathermagazine.com Wes

      Yeah, I have to say that while I still have a few reservations about the robustness, this just became an incredibly desirable purchase.

    • Wade

      I am still waiting for the street version of this bike. Zero, please come up with an alternative equipment to charge the battery. How about a cool portable solar/wind charger?

  • http://weroam.wordpress.com Darek

    Peak electrical input 17,400 watts

    hmm..you think I could run a heated gear set up while riding this? hahah

  • http://artistruth.livejournal.com will
  • DoctorNine

    I’ve talked to some sales people at Zero. The thing I am excited about is the bike designed for the street that they are working on. I will probably be getting one as soon as they put the commercial models out there.

  • http://hellforleathermagazine.com Wes

    The street model: Zero S Electric Supermoto

  • v

    the thought of riding through the forest or on the beach without the chainsaw gone mad sound is very appealing