2010 Honda Fury officially unveiled in New York

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The wraps just came off the Honda Fury here in New York. Largely in exercise in combining the kind of reliability and safety Honda’s famous for with chopper style — choppers are traditionally neither reliable nor safe to ride — the emphasis is on the styling.

At 663lbs (wet) the Fury is a seriously heavy motorcycle; with a
wheelbase of 71.24 inches it also has an incredibly long wheelbase, the
longest of any current production bike in fact. The 1312cc V-twin is
liquid-cooled and fuel-injected, making it fairly high-tech for a
chopper. But with just a 3.4-gallon fuel tank, don’t expect to enjoy
its smooth engine for too long before stopping to refill. Maintenance
should be a breeze though not only will the engine be reliable, but the
shaft drive requires no regular adjustment.

The Fury isn’t our kind of bike and we’re a bit worried that coming so
long after the peak of the chopper craze that it won’t be the kind of
bike that proves terribly popular with the public either. Having said
that if you must ride a barely functional excuse for a motorcycle, this
is probably your best bet.


  • Remy

    Is this the last of the Fury posts? This thing has been uninteresting since day one and I don’t think we need to read anymore about its blandness/impracticality.

    • http://hellforleathermagazine.com Wes


  • Guero Grande

    ^^^ What he said. ^^^

  • ehpawk

    yep, i have had about enough fury that i can take from honda

  • http://bolty.net Stacy

    Damn it, I was still saving up for a Rune!

  • Dorian

    This from a company that gave us the original CB750F (the bike that changed motorcycling) the CBX, NR500, CB400F, CX500TC flights of fancy, the NCR/VFR series, the GoldWing. Ever since Mr Honda passed away this company has lost their “Joie de vivre” ? I blame accountants and focus groups and a politician of your choice ….

    as my lonely eyes turn to Europe for innovation

  • DoctorNine

    I personally would like to see more things like the old Honda GB500 and the Honda Hawk GT out of them, but what the hell, an updated CB 350 would be great too. Not enough UJM’s. ‘Tis a pity.

  • http://artistruth.livejournal.com will

    It’s almost impressively dull. I mean, this could be a real achievement. It’s an overachievement in utter dullness.

    “Men, I’ve gathered you here today so we can come up with a new chopper. We are not going to go to bed tonight or leave this room until we make some outstandingly terrible, neutral decisions. We don’t half-ass any soullessness here at Honda, men, if you don’t like it you can leave. We’re starting a new paradigm in boredom.”

    • tomahawk

      More original > higher the risks.
      You don’t like dullness? Fine…chop it :D

  • russell


  • joemama

    You mean they’ve wasted their time and money on this p.o.s rather than offer a much needed update to a 1000cc VFR?? time to give up on anything new/innovative from honda.

  • FilmJr

    Just so you guys know…

    At the very nadir of this holiday economic downturn, Honda offered all of its dealers a holiday bonus: 2% of their gross major unit revenue (meaning sales of motos and ATVs) would come back to dealers as a rebate. I’ve been in the business a while, and no doubt AHM has its own reasons for such an overture, but that’s good, smart, solid business. It was the difference between my company being in the black or in the red for the toughest December I’ve ever seen.

    All of which is to say that, though the Fury is obviously aimed at who we marketeers derisively refer to as “Bubba” – white, blue-collar, very conservative, immune to nuance – they also CURRENTLY BUILD bikes as gobsmackingly good as the 08-09 CBR1000RR, the 02-09 VFR800 Interceptor, the 09 CRF250R and 09 CRF450R…I mean it’s not like they were trying to make a splash to validate their powersports business and pinned all hopes of success on the Fury.

    Updated CBRs, updated VFRs, new scooter/cruiser/lowrider DN-01 monstrosities…these are all in the works, and speak to the strange, vibrant, slightly predictable march of progress at American Honda. And regardless of their seeming affection for the banal, they are an unparalleled engineering company that makes a huge number of fantastically liveable bikes. Furies perhaps notwithstanding, Honda will get the lion’s share of its product line very, very right.

    So leave the rest of the Fury stories to MotorcycleUSA, and bring us more RSD, Deus…hey, isn’t DealerExpo coming up soon?

  • http://www.arkriders.com laubinero

    If I were going to get a cruiser/chopper I’d get this bike, Its a Honda! That means it’ll be totally reliable and handle safely for a chopper…but I digress I’m a sportbike guy @ heart…11K can get you a sportbike bristling with all kinds of tech these days…nice try Honda – perhaps if it was cheaper- say 8 or 9k…then this bike would be a steal!

  • ct

    so do you get a bloody grin on your face after riding the honda like the harleys….i don’t think so…the bike seems boring to me…when can we get the ride report?

  • http://tomorrow-land.blogspot.com Botswana Meat Commission FC

    I went out for a joyride today and on the way back stopped at my local Honda dealership for shits and giggles.

    I saw a pair of year-or-two-old 919s sitting there in a lonely corner looking neglected. Asked about the price from a salesman and he started raving about the bike’s rideability and fun factor. Turns out they’re practically giving them away, i’m sure just to get them out of the way. Made me laugh. I swear, the more practical and realistically useful a bike is, the more ignored it is.

    Gotta clear off some showroom floor space for a purple faux-chopper!

  • http://www.hrcusa.com motonut

    Yes, the American Market will always be strange to the Japanese. They can make a fabulous cruiser like the old Honda Aero 1100 and the americans wish it to have more shake?? So they change it into a single-pin crankshaft to make it rougher. Sochiro Honda would flip over in his grave to hear them doing things like that!

    Then they give us great bikes like the VFR or CB900F that with a good rider can do just about everything most sportbikes can do, but they also make fantastic daily street rides or sport-tourers, what happens, they sag in sales. What does the US market buy? Almost 90% of us buy either full on superbike style sportbikes or Harley-Davidsons [or copies of them]cruisers! Yes, we are quite the different market than most of the world.

    Lots of the very usable and cool bikes that Honda makes in Europe like the Transalp, Varadero, CBF1000, CB1000R, Hornet 600, CBF600S, Deuville all do not make it too us here in the States. We have caused this along with Honda’s overly too conservative approach to this market after being burned in the past with sales failures. Sad. Bye the way I too have been in this business now for 25 years and do not blame Honda for enterning into this “chopper” market with low maintenance and the quality of a Honda. You make it and they will come.

    Now will the sportbike fans like this stuff, of course not, but just because it is not your thing, don’t bang on those who do like it. More all-new models are still to come for the 50th Anniversary roll-out leading into the 2010 model releases like this Fury. Honda has confirmed a new V-4 coming out in 2010, so yes, we have to wait still longer, but its coming. Tired of waiting? Then go out and buy one of those incredibly discounted VFR’s or CB900F’s. I just sold my last left-over 919 for $6499.00!!! What a steal for that kind of bike.

  • http://www.thecrumb.com Jim Priest


    Dear Honda.

    More UJMs & Dual sports.