Brad Pitt, Just Another Biker Jerk

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Brad_Pitt.jpg“This is my anonymity,” he says, brandishing the motorcycle helmet in an upraised hand before he breezes out the door. “With it, I’m just another asshole on the streets.”

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  • Jonesy

    I’ve said hes an asshole for years… pretty boy douche … Nah hes ok… God bless him… angelina and jennifer aniston … i mean come on!

  • ehpawk

    so, still love the site and wait impatiently for updates.. there isn’t enough cool motorcycle news on the net. but i send you a link to some pretty cool looking ktm designs and you guys update with brad pitt news?

    anyway here is the link for anyone who would like to check it out

    • Wes

      That was in my junk folder, just found it, thanks for sending it in.

      Want to help us order beer, arrange motorcycle delivery and install signage for Function Through Form? That’ll give us some time to work on content.

      • hoyt


        I’ll take a keg’r of Brooklyn Brewing Chocolate Stout

  • Yuri

    Hell, Wes, If you guys were in Detroit I’d come in and intern a couple days a week. I’m hell on wheels with a telephone and a call sheet.

    Now, what I want to know is, what was Pitt riding?

  • ehpawk

    haha sorry Wes, man I would love to be able to come and help the Function Through Form gallery but I am in Pittsburgh and well it is a long trip to make. Sorry my post seemed a little harsh I just hold this site to a higher standard than most others I guess, because it is good.

    Especially loved the Lockheed Lounge there just isn’t enough of that kind of amazing work going around.

  • Yuri

    Oi, ehpawk! Where in ‘Da ‘Burgh are you from? I lived over by the zoo while I was in school there. Damn, I miss Pittsburgh.

    • ehpawk

      well i work in Etna for a small video/cg production company but I live just a few minutes north in Shaler. Nice photos btw.

  • Jonesy

    Pittsburg, Detroit, And I’m from Ohio … on a Cali based site , (right?)

    • Yuri

      Heh, I grew up in Wooster, Oh. Where are you?

      • ehpawk

        holy shit Yuri, I’m originally from Ohio also, and really really close to Wooster, back in the day I went to Northwestern. This is actually getting weird.

        • Yuri

          Awesome, I dated a girl from Northwestern. Where did you live? When my folks moved us north from SE Ohio we lived in West Salem and I attended Chester Elementary for Kindergarten and half of first grade. Small world, eh? I’m a Triway grad, by the way.

          • ehpawk

            I lived in Pleasant Home, then moved to just outside of Funk off of 95. Man i still need to go steal a sign from that town. =P

  • Jonesy

    ooopps nopes NY right?

  • Yuri

    Oh, and thanks for the complement about the photos. I forgot I’d linked to my site, there.

  • Yuri

    Now the world is getting smaller, since my best friend all through High School lived right outside of Funk on Schwartzwalder Rd.

  • Yuri

    ehpawk, I’ll bet you a dollar we know one another, at least tangentally. What year did you graduate from High School?

  • ehpawk

    ehpawk (at) gmail (dot) com

    i don’t want to turn their site into facebook or myspace

    • Wes

      Aww, you two are cute.

      You should join our Facebook group. We’ve done nothing to promote it so far (that’ll come after the party), so you can be among the first to join.

  • Jonesy

    Im originally from Canton (I know I know the hood) But i built a house in Wadsworth , only 30 min from wooster, and i work in Massillon not far at all 5 min from wooster

  • Remy

    Look at all you social networkers with your high school diploma’s. I thought we were a bunch of biker scum who sleep in our race leathers and ride our motorcycles for the sole purpose of getting to Hell quicker.

    • Yuri

      Well, I’m that too. I needed the diploma so I could afford the garage and bikes and leathers, you know?

  • Mitch

    Southwest Ohio is where it’s at, Springfield born and raised.

    Oh yeah, Pitt. I always imagined a lot of celebrities that ride enjoy the ability to sort of blend in. While it would seem Brad rides with a full face helmet, Orlando Bloom has an open face – I wonder if there’s different levels of ego and anonymity at work.

  • JR

    Awesome guys, I’m from Liberty Township, OH. Going to school in Dayton right now.

  • Jonesy

    Well hey at least Brad and Orlando (Who is a Douche) Are wearing helmets, sorry to ehpwak but they could be like Big Ben and ride a busa in PA w/o one … lol dumbass, And we are racer scum, but we needed diplomas to atleast work at Burger king to pay for my insurance at minimum lol

  • nick

    Well, he rides scooters, by the looks of it. Although that’s probably a great bike where he is…



  • Malvino

    Works for Prince Harry too, everyone’s anonymous with a full face helmet on.

  • thomashenny

    I once went without a helmet and my face got mangled. After reconstructive surgery, I was even more anonymous. Now, I wear a helmet just to not get strange looks from pedestrians.

  • blankfocus

    I guess with this Ohio love fest, I’ll represent the good ‘ol Northeast. (Strange thing is, I currently live in Worcester, MA…Pronounced: “Wooster”!!!!) Weird.

    • PJ

      Heck yeah! I’m from Holden, but now in Gloucester …pronounced “Glosster”. At least we made spacesuits in Worcester. And I think the last US pink flamingos. Beat that Dayton!
      Actually, they pronounce it woo-ster. As in woohoo. Worcester is wuss-ster. As in, the folks from main south are not wussy. Can’t confuse the Ohio folks.