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chicara_Art.jpgChicara Nagata claims to spend up to 7,500 hours creating one of his custom motorcycles. Currently on display at Ippodo Gallery in New York, his bikes are garnering a lot of mainstream interest. Now, Chris Winterbourne has put together a short film on Chicara for Current. It’s after the jump.


via Wired

  • Sasha Pave

    Absolutely gorgeous! And Current did a nice job on the video. Beautiful beautiful work, thanks Wes!

    • Christopher Winterbourne

      Thanks Wes for posting this.

      Sasha – I’m an independent filmmaker not associated with Current, Current gives me an opportunity to get paid for my work. I only get paid if I’m voted to the top. My chances are slim, so if you like what you see please vote and I can make more films.


  • Kevin

    Looks like Terminator’s moped.