Function Through Form brings motorcycles, people together

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Thanks to everyone who came out last night for making Function Through Form a huge success. Despite near zero degree temperatures we managed to pack both RARE Gallery and Mama’s Bar past their capacities. There’s a few photos in the gallery above, but check out our Facebook page to see all 55 of them. While you’re there, don’t forget to become a fan, tag yourself and your friends in the photos, upload your own and make fun of Grant and me.

Special thanks to: Jessica and Ty from DTM as well as Ryan, Jasper and Pete from RARE.

  • Larry Kahn

    How about some pictures of the BIKES? All I see are a bunch of New Yawkers that most likely don’t know their camshaft from a crankshaft!

    • Grant

      There’s video coming with loads of close-ups and slow pans of just the bikes, Larry, all shot by DTM. That will take a bit longer to get up though as the footage has to be edited down. And so you know, there’s only one shot that doesn’t have, at minimum, one person who either races on a regular basis, builds bikes, is a life-long rider, works in the motorcycle industry in some way, or all of the above.

      We brought everybody else to inject a little fresh blood and help bring the average age of motorcycle owners down a bit from 47.

  • Peter Lombardi

    I’m damn jealous.

  • ehpawk

    wish i would have been there.

    go steelers. one more to win.

  • MrP

    Looks like a good time was had by all. I’m sorry I missed out but I hope the success of “Function Through Form” means that there will be other HFL events in the future.