Function Through Form: Today

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FTF-invite1.jpgFunction Through Form: Motorcycles in the Age of Artistic Production is open to the public today from 2-6pm at RARE Gallery in Chelsea. Stop on by to see work by Roland Sands and JT Nesbitt. JT will be present throughout the day, working on art, serving gumbo (2pm only) and providing an interactive lecture on the process of designing a motorcycle.

  • David S

    I’ll be there tonight. Wish I could make the afternoon session as well… any chance JT’s lecture will be taped?

  • Janak

    Wish I could attend would have made my day.. well.. please post some pics video… it be nice if you have event on the west coast

  • ehpawk

    I really wish i could be there, two of my favorite designers. please post as much about it as you can.

    *2nd’d videos

    hell i wish i was there could have brought a red one and shot it in 4k glory

  • http://htp:// bongo

    That little Benelli racer you had on display was sweet.

    Was that built from a 70′s Quattro?

    Also the Chikare “liquid chrome” collection downstairs in Ippodo Gallery… me and some other dude kept walking back and forth between the bikes, babbling like fools.

    I have never seen that level of jewel-like precision and attention to detail on a bike. Beyond OCD craftsmanship.


  • formfromfunction

    i’m pretty sure there’s a good reason why it’s form driven by function and not the other way around, as your title “function through form” suggests. i guess “style without substance” was already taken?

    • Wes

      Or maybe it was a play on words twisting the emphasis in favor of functional design. Maybe.

  • formfromfunction

    no, i don’t think so.

    “function through form” pretty clearly emphasizes that form drives function, which is great. as long as you don’t mind your function being completely illogical, impractical and poorly engineered.

    • Wes

      I tell you what, go put together your own really cool motorcycle art exhibition, or at least come to one of ours, then we’ll listen to you.

  • formfromfunction

    i’m sure your little shindig was switched on, but maybe, just maybe if you weren’t quite so impressed with yourselves, you’d realize how little sense the title makes. that’s all i’m saying.

    • Grant

      The title was a play on words to elucidate the relevance of style within the industry of motorcycle design as a general exploratory theme for an event, guy. Not an in-depth analysis of the philosophy of language for the residents of planet Vulcan.

  • formfromfunction

    oh dear. star trek references are going to do nothing but dig you deeper into your lame hole, ok guy? i’m guessing you’re the one who came up with the title, which makes the other guy even more stupid for going along with it. jeez. how in the world did you guys get roland sands to go along with this? friend of a friend maybe?

    anyway, before you bury this story with another one of equal or lesser value (another break on the Fury!?) let me just say that i think you guys could have a good thing going here, as long as you can swallow your pride every once and then. god bless america.