Harley Iron 883 creates logical paradox

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If something is matte black, then it is cool. If something is made by Harley, then it is lame. The Iron 883 is both matte black and a Harley, therefore it is both cool and lame. Assuming that “cool” and “lame” are irreconcilable opposites, the Iron 883 is a logical paradox; it’s something that should, by all rights, not exist.
To create this paradox, Harley took its range-starting 883 Sportster
and blacked out just about all of the components: the engine, engine
covers, wheels, forks, tank, fenders etc. It also fitted a solo seat,
front fork gaiters, drag bars and a side-mount plate holder.

The Iron 883 joins Harley’s “Dark Custom” range, which is intended to
appeal to a young audience by simplifying the company’s oft
over-accessorized products. Other bikes in the range include the
horribly named Harley Crossbones and Nightster. The Iron 883 will be the cheapest
member of the range, retailing for just $7,899.

Our favorite part of the Iron 883 and the other Dark Customs is the
denim paint. To create it, Harley basically leaves off the clear coat,
resulting in a finish that will break in, wearing in places that the
rider rubs it, just like a pair of jeans.


  • sean

    Is Hell for Leather secretly obsessed with cruisers? If no, they why do they spend some much time talking about how much they dislike the bikes? If Harley’s are “lame” then don’t promote them by running articles on their bikes.

    • http://hellforleathermagazine.com Wes

      Maybe it’s because cruisers have enjoyed such perversely positive press for so long.

      Maybe it’s because we want to encourage people to buy better bikes that they’ll ultimately be happier with.

      Maybe it’s because we enjoy making fun of people that take themselves way to seriously.

      Maybe it’s because we can’t stand to watch an industry that we love paint itself into a corner.

      Maybe it’s because we have small penises.

      I guess we’ll never know.

    • Trish

      Right! If Harley’s are so lame-then why do the other companies mimic them with the Shadow, the VTX1300/1800,Rebel,V-Star,Boulevard and etc? Two long experienced motorcycle mechanics (one strictly Harley,the other various) mechanics told me the Sportster group is the best buy, have all metal parts(unlike most brands including Harley).As far as color goes,any black or grey motorcycle is harder to see on the road-may look good on the showroom floor,and the paint may be cheaper for the company-but less safe-therefore should lose it’s “coolness” in favor of more visible colors. (not pink or orange though-THERE I draw the line!)

      • chili sv

        Trish, pointing to other soulless bikes doesn’t make this bike any less contrived. If anything it makes it even worse, like being the thinnest kid at fat camp.

      • Taffy

        The official Hurt Report on motorcycle safety claims that bike colour makes no difference at all. Light helmets and flouro vests do obviously improve visibility though. But how many HD riders are happy to wear one of those? Zero. :) The safest feature of Harleys is that cars see them as menacing. Every Volvo driver fears that if they run a Harley off the road the rider will follow them home and do unspeakable things to their family and pets.

    • stonepilot

      Wes Siler fool saying Harley is lame and black is cool freedom of choice is what its about so please dont think 4 me an many others

  • Kerry

    I think your flawed logic comes from the statement: “If something is matte black, then it is cool”. This is most assuredly not the case and I can cite the scores of 70′s era hondas with matteblack paint and clubmans handlebars on otherwise stock bikes owned by douchebag williamsburg hipsters as evidence. A flat black bike is now like the ranbow bumper sticker of the motorcycle world.

    It joins “rat rod” and “Xtreem” in being a cultural entity that a-hole alternative culture fashonistas have sucked so dry that all that is left is a fetid twitching corpse discarded in an alley way. I am not saying that a flat black bike automatically makes you uncool, all you have to do is say “I’m going to paint it someday when funds allow” and your rep can be somewhat untarnished. Kinda hard to do convincingly when the bike is a brand new harley….

    New Harleys themselves are not so bad – it is the best way to own a vintage bike when you don’t actually know anything about fixing old bikes.

    • Contender

      I agree. Matte black should be a choice made because available funds were used elsewhere. This bike costs $900 more than the base Sportster for cheaper looking paint and fork gaitors. This motorcycle is stupid.

  • Shawn

    I just think they rip on Harley’s and
    Choppers just because once a guy on a big bike pulled up next to their Vespa and they couldn’t hear their favorite Britney song over the exhaust. :( so sad.

    And the bikes really aren’t that bad. If your just gonna hop on one and cruise around on….. why not pick a harley. They’re pretty comfortable to ride.

    • jconli1

      having passed many, many Harleys (esp. Sportsters) in the twisties on my modded P150X, this one made me laugh.

      • SauceSquatch

        jconlit, if life was about getting to the end the fastest then you should get your coffin ready. No matter how fast your scooter goes it will always be a scooter.

    • D2

      Actually the Britney music would most likely be coming from your Hardley-Ableson as they are much more likely to have a stereo than a scooter.

      Q: If your just gonna hop on one and cruise around on….. why not pick a harley.

      A: The ridiculous price mark up by most dealers on a bike that is already overpriced from the factory, and the ill handling characteristics along with scary brakes and slower acceleration that a Vespa


      • drjohndee

        “slower acceleration that [sic] a Vespa”

        Well, that’s frankly nonsense. A Sportster will beat practically anything from a stop light; Porsches, wheelie-prone sportbikes, anything. Top speed mightn’t be much but acceleration to sensible speeds in a straight line is what these bikes are all about.

        @ Sam — “plus you just cant wheelie the damn things!” — part of the reason they’re so quick off the mark.

        There’s plenty of real grounds for criticism of Harleys without making stuff up.

        • D2

          Turns out a sportbike can out accelerate a “sport”ster even with the front tire in the air. “and half the engine displacement” In my experience HD’s don’t wheelie or accelerate fast what they do is vibrate alot spin up the rear tire and go no where when you give em some throttle lots’o torque and shitty tires what a sweet factory combo, meanwhile a Porsche or a 2stroke vespa would leave a HD behind. Which Porsche are you referring to that is slower than a 50-ish hp HD??? Do tell…

          The point was, way overpriced & ancient “technology” is why we don’t want them.

          • MikeA

            “The point was, way overpriced & ancient “technology” is why we don’t want them. “


            A new 883 Sportster Low starts at $7,000 with Fuel Injection, and a two year warranty.

            A new Yamaha V-Star 650 starts at $6,800 with carbs and a drum brake with a 1 year warranty.

            A new Honda Shadow 750 comes with carbs and and a drum brake for $7,000 with a 1 year warranty.

            A new Suzuki Intruder 800, sorry thats what it was called in 1986, now its the Boulevard S50 and is $7,200 again with carbs and a rear drum with a 1 year warranty.

            The Kawasaki Vulcan 900 has fuel injection and a rear disk starting at $8,350 with a 1 year warranty.

            The Harley also has less plastic parts, and a better resale than the other entry cruisers.

            Even the extra $1,000 for the Iron is still $350 less than the Vulcan.

            I really dont see how its overpriced or ancient compared to other entry level cruisers.

        • Terry

          Oh my… Somebody has been sucking the nectar again.
          I’ve owned a number of Sporties including a couple of seriously hot rodded versions with ported and polished heads and hotter cams. As much fun as they can be light to light, they are leaving neither late model sport bikes or Porsches in their wake. Sportsters are to be loved for what they are… decent runabouts with some nice low end grunt and a whole lot of last century charm.

  • hank

    Ok, I must confess, being from Milwaukee it’s hard to not have a slight love affair with Harleys. Sure there are much better bikes out there, but I like them for two reasons. One, I’m a fake prick who just likes that dark and retro look because it looks cool. I also like the sound of outdated technology. Two, even though I know only the engines are made in Milwaukee I can’t help but feel a kinship with any Harley I spot with it’s kickstand sinking into the asphalt because we both come from the same grimy, burned out rust-belt town.

    As Kerry said, new Harleys are kinda cool because they look retro but don’t require the knowhow of how to fix a vintage bike.

    Harleys are a guilty pleasure, and I am really liking these Dark Custom sportsters.

  • Kerry

    BTW, the denim paint is not just “Harley leaving off the clearcoat”, it is actually a satin clearcoat so the paint will last you more than a year. By its nature flats, semi-flats, and satins themselves wear faster due to just the texture alone, espically since you can’t wax them since that will shine that sucker right up. My favorite in the HD lineup so far? “Crimson Red Denim”, or as I used to call it “Red Oxide Primer”.

  • http://caferacersreturn.blogspot.com tonup

    I love it. You’re all so precious about your Harley Davidsons, it’s really sweet.

    I’m sure the guys love writing these posts then getting a kick out of listening to you all moan.

    I’m not a Harley fan but these new bikes have managed to capture my attention. Let’s hope they keep experimenting.

    • elena

      How did I choose my bike?
      Look in this way-the Iron 883 touch my soul form the first look at the bike.
      You should knowing the feeling when sit on and just say YES its MIne! I have choose a road partner.
      That what happen to us if you don’t have doubt..No other reasons….No one from our HOG riders says anything negative about ,just: “really good matching”
      Additionally….more discussions create more attraction.
      But if any one doesn’t like Denim Black, let them buy are Chrom.

  • chili sv

    The XR1200 is the only cool stock Harley, even in orange, and it’s not that great. Unfortunately, you look like a Harley d-bag riding it. Take the logos off and you look like a Harley d-bag wannabe. Can’t win.

  • drjohndee

    Nice. The little Sportsters are cute and unpretentious and the current 883 is one of the best air-cooled V-twin engines ever made. Probably the only air-cooled Harley I’d go for. The wheels on the Iron are pretty sweet too.

  • http://www.moonlakevintage.com james


  • JR

    I am constantly amazed at how much you guys get hung up on names and images…

    Maybe I’m just taking your comments too seriously.

    Like it or dislike it for what it is, not who it reminds you of. Not that it isn’t cool to have opinions! Opinions are what give us different and cool bikes.

    I like it, and I could totally see myself cruisin’ on one of these looking cool and feeling cool. And yes, I currently ride a Japanese vintage bike that I restored myself.

  • http://triumphdaytona675.wordpress.com Sam

    Nightster is a stupid name though. I wonder what other options of words that sound cool H.D. tried adding -ster onto the end of to make up the name?



    • Jim

      i agree with justin on 8/16. ride what you like. personally i think all mfg’s have sweet bikes. it depends what you grew up with. if your dad rode a harley guess what you are gonna like and so on. personally i agree with harley “ride to live and live to ride”.

  • drjohndee

    If H-D really wants to tap into the dark macho bad-boy biker mindset, they should make a hybrid of the ‘Iron 883′ and the ‘Cross Bones’ and call it the ‘Iron Cross 88′.

    • Mike

      Best. Comment. Ever.

    • Chris

      Lol its worse doc, some of the people here hate this bike because it’s black.

  • Aaron

    I really like the new sportster range especially the Nightster (in spite of its lame name, but you expect that from harley) In my opinion they are the best looking and probably most functional bikes H-D have built in years, and the only bikes in the current I would even consider buying. And there is nothing wrong with a bit of old-tech, I work on late model Japanese cars all day, so its nice to come home to something you can service/repair with out too much thought/effort…

  • logical

    I’m going with the small penis thing. Never seen two people more up their own asses than grant and wes. Definitely compensation issues.

  • http://www.urbanrider.co.uk Urban Rider

    I agree that the Nightster is a motorcycle I’d seriously consider owning.

    However my opinion is that the majority of under 30s find HD un-cool as a brand. They come across as very corporate, over-priced and stuck in the past.

    Most guys who ride HD in London are middle age, middle class and have fantasised about owning a Harley for a long time. None of my friends want to be mistaken for one of them!

    I don’t think if I’d put it as strongly and Wes and Grant, but I find the description ‘lame’ hard to disagree with being 26 years of age!!

  • http://www.piaggiousa.com/ Enthusiast

    “woe to him inside a nonconformist clique who does not conform with nonconformity.”

    This is for all the people who love to hate.

  • http://cohobot.blogspot.com/ coho

    I am not, nor have I ever been a “Harley guy”, but I like the Iron883 for its simplicity. It’s just a motorcycle, rather than a lifestyle choice or something you buy instead of a house.

    And it comes conveniently pre-primered and ready for whatever color you want it to be. The shocks are too short, though, makes it look a little hunchbacked.

    PS. For fun Google 1991 Storz XR883.

  • Larry Kahn

    What’s with the too-short shocks? In Europe and England the Nightster and such get shocks the right size for making it around a curve without riding like a puss or grounding everything. That’s the really stupid part.

  • http://sidewaysnortheast.blogspot.com/ Frank

    HD has done it right with this bike for a couple reasons. First, they’ve been able to offer several variants to choose from, good for the customer and great from the profit potential for the company.
    Second, they have a standing offer to take the Sportster back in as a trade towards a bigger bike, and credit you what you paid for the bike new. Smart marketing there, as plenty of new bike buyers will probably take them up on that.
    The rest is up to the individual, if you like it, fine. If not, fine.
    I can’t think of another model that has lasted as long as the sportster. (Aside from the Honda XR100/CRF100, which is another great beginner bike)

  • Hans

    I don’t really care about brands. Its about the bike and the experience. Whats special about this, apart from the name? (I really like the Iron name. Its cool.) I don’t know, give me something unique, something special instead. But hey, I feel I am not in the target group. This probably aimed at aspirational leather-vests with less cash and tad more sense of style than your average harley buyer.

  • http://tomorrow-land.blogspot.com Botswana Meat Commission FC

    Matte black doeslook good. This is gospel, people!

    That said, how is this 883 any different from the nightster? Just the smaller engine?

  • drjohndee

    I don’t like most Harleys, but that’s subjective. What’s fact is that they’re overpriced; if you were paying for the technology — and finish — you get, I’m sure far fewer people would be down on them.

    And I agree about the rear suspension, that would really put me off. Generally, having your swingarm pivot same height or lower than the rear hub is not good except in aesthetic terms, and you need better than stock Harley shocks to compensate for that freakishness.

  • Jim

    The writers of this rag is made up of nothing but over-analyzing idiots. Who are you to decide what is “cool” or not? You retards have no idea what riding a motorcycle is all about.

  • http://www.bienvillestudios.com dave

    Boy! Grant and Wes have really gotten the douchebags to come out, haven’t they?

  • tzed

    “Chuck Norrister”

    I shared a garage once with Willy G’s son (in Williamsburg, sorry) and his Harley leaked oil from somewhere deep inside that the dealer couldn’t fix. We ended up stripping the thing to the cases to fix it. The only cool thing was when he started it with only the stubby pipes on…. it was like standing next to Swamp Rat XII during a burnout!
    Cool is as cool does.
    Harley just laid off a bunch of folks (including my cousin).
    I’ve only ever owned Yamahas (and a Ducati single).
    I use flat-black paint on my wood stove.
    I raced the Isle of Man

  • LADucSP

    what a great site. you guys hate everything i hate!

  • sam

    harley is just trying to make money. and you can tell. because they invest no money in creativity. at all. they just jack old ideas and slap em on a new frame. they think us kids will fall for it. unfortunately urban rider and i are not gonna buy their corporate clusterfuck. plus you just cant wheelie the damn things!

  • ep

    admittedly, i’ve never ridden a sportster, but i’d think the fact that all the weight is over the rear tire would make it pretty easy to wheelie. if it weren’t for the gutless engine, that is.

  • http://sportbikeblog.blogspot.com novantii

    I never knew bikers were so… car-ish.

    Chili sv, you’re afraid to “look like a Harley guy”?

    This is like “tuner” scene guys who are reluctant to buy an American car because they’re scared their baggy-pants highschool dropout subculture will think they’re a “square”" for owning a Ford.

    If Harley puts out a cool enough bike I’ll buy it. You’re embarrassed about having “Harley” on the tank? What do you make of having “Kawasaki” on your tank? Not exactly ‘sexy’ either.

    Right now Ducatis do it for me… but I really like the Iron 883 as far as Harleys go and I’m mildly interested.

    If ditzy PC liberal paperpushers in neon pink catsuits would consider me a “wannabe badass” for riding it… well, that makes me want to try a Harley even more…

  • hank

    this debate is why I love Hell For Leather.

  • pete

    this is a nice looking bike be it jap or harley what is problem Wes Siler should not be bias about bikes and should just wright the news not be such an asshole on his views

    • http://hellforleathermagazine.com Wes

      And yet you have an opinion and we’ve given you a place to express it. Isn’t allowing for both you and I to discuss our views more productive then simply allowing Harley to force theirs upon us?

  • peter

    what forced view u buy it or u dont but its not forced on u what world are you on .

  • pete

    Wes Siler no disrespect meant.. You do a great job an thanks for chance to read about the latest news on the motorcycle front. Cheers Pete, I still like that black harley iron 883

    • http://hellforleathermagazine.com Wes

      I think the Iron is pretty cool too, for a type of bike that I’d never consider owning.

      With the article, I was trying to make a joke to liven up what would otherwise have been a fairly boring list of components that had been painted black.

      As for being biased against Harley, of course we are. We do not like overpriced, underperforming, unambitious products. How is that any worse than the mainstream motorcycle press, which is universally positive about Harley because they’re paid to be that way? As least you know where we stand and what our honest opinion is.

  • Brad

    Nobody mentioned that Harley actually uses galvanized bolts throughout their wonderfully trendy tough (on the weekend) dentist cruisers.

  • Bun

    What’s all the fuss? Harleys are what they are. My only gripe with Sportsters is their too low seat height and uncomfortable ergos. Otherwise, they sound cool and chicks like the vibrations, and I like chicks! Crusin a hot babe with her hands tuggin on my crotch rocket is way more fun than riding solo and draging your knees!

  • Axel

    It’s funny to read all the outrage from the weenies who hate Harleys. What’s the matter, did a big, bad biker take your ice cream when you were still in short pants? Wait, you’re still in short pants! You wear them while riding your ass-in-the-air crotch rockets at 30mph around town.

  • PB Tux

    I’ve ridden a LOT of different bikes in my long lifetime – but the real important thing is to ride what ever it is that makes you happy, while letting others do the same. (Remember the golden rule?)

    Sure there’s lot’sa “Wild Hogs & Hogettes” out there. The main thing is to ride safe, have fun, and respect others. Trick riders should get a life and stay off the friggin’ roads.

    I like some Jap bikes, but my heart will always belong to Harley. And yup, if I was little enough to fit on that Iron 883, I’d enjoy it too. However, I’m 6’8″ and I like my big cruiser just like it is!

    Ride Free, Ride Safe !

  • Nuckaj

    I guess I just haven’t been looking hard enough. I knew this subculture of harley haters was out there, just never saw it. It’s amazing to read the ignorant, hate filled comments. It’s almost like the ignorant, hate filled comments harley riders point towards others. My world just balanced out a little bit.

    I like this bike, it’s what I wished the nightster had been. If it’s point blank proof of harley’s under appreciated design philosophy, so be it. I’m not going to feel bad for liking something that they apparently already did once before. Style “revolution” is pretty normal. Especially in times of financial crisis, such as harley is facing right now.

    You guys don’t happen to flame triumphs as well do you? That would bring my motorcycle life into complete balance.

  • Gus

    Hey..I don’t hate when it comes to motorcycles. I pretty much want every bike I see. Every brand out there has a dogger right now and has plans for more craptastic bikes in the future (hackchoughHONDAFURYgagwheez). But guys,..the Sportster has never been a better bike then it is today. It’s never had a better ride, performance, or look (considering all colors and configurations)than the current generation. And I see the flat black as a bike to be ridden and not coddled. This is a bike you can leave in the rain and not cry over…and it’s cheap.

    If your looking to hate on Harley playing “trendsetter”, then hate the Rocker… it’s horrid.

    If you want hate on Harley for general principal, hate on the restrictive exhaust, the restrictive ignitions, the crappy carb jetting, and the weak rear brake… All things Harley buyers replace in the first year (or should).

  • http://www.ricerocketsareforfaggots.org mschneider718

    I think it’s a pretty cool bike…if you’re some sport bike riding toolbag looking to wheelie – not for you.

    if you’re a fat slob leather vest wearing “sportys aren’t REAL Harleys” spouting kinda shithead…not for you either.

    I kinda like the middle ground this bike sells to – the kinda hip guy with a job and no space or time to wrench on a real non-evo engine. He just wants to ride a bike that looks kinda different, and not be crunched up on a crotch rocket.

    Again – it’s all about customer choice. I can laugh at anyone on a Vespa simply because they’re an adult on what in the US and A is considered a child’s toy. I can laugh at some evo big twin guy because he overpaid for his POS. I can laugh at the triumph guy for buying a crappy bike. I can laugh at the BMW nerd because shaft bikes are for pricks. I can laugh at the cafe racer guy because he’s trying too hard (and 195lbs and 6’2 riding on a 550 four). I can laugh at the guy who built a “custom bobber” that looks like every other shitty bike Indian Larry made down the street from me.

    Simply put – no matter how you slice it – YOUR BIKE IS GAY.

    Now, get over it and go ride…

    • amaro138

      mschneider718, briliantly put!

  • rory

    I am so glad I have one of these parked in my driveway and not a gd VESPA. You gotta be crappin’ me, you jokesauce wannabes.

  • Me

    Whatever, this is a cool looking bike! Harley hit the mark with this one.

  • Ironster

    The bike looks great especially with vance and hines short shots

  • Uncle Sam

    Bottom line: Harley is what it is…hating Harley is akin to giving commentary on religion…whether or not you like Harleys doesn’t change the fact that Harley has already established itself…you should do so well Wes.

    By the way…sites like this exist because companies like Harley Davidson exist…without them, you don’t get to type anything.

    This bike is a great shout out to they way the bikes were before all of the corporate b/s started. A smaller engine and a smaller frame are great historical flashbacks.

  • Epyx

    Wes, I dont get it. You complain about Harley Davidson and call the brand lame and “corporate.” I don’t understand the corporate tag as ALL bikes come from corporations. I doubt you prefer the custom chopper scene – probably the only no-corporate bikes available. If you are referring to the vintage scene – your argument make even less sense as you also deride HD for not being technically advanced. So how does a vintage British or Japaneses bike fulfill those two requirements of technical advancement and non-corporate individuality?

    Even more contradictory to the corporate tag is your full buy-in to new marketing. You fell for it! You hated HD until the company markets a bike directly to your wants. You are one of the sheep you claim to hate!

    Regardless, all bikes have something to offer. No bike is “lame” – Vespa, Ninja, Sporty, or Dresser. They all serve different needs and target different people.

    You make fun of Harley riders for choosing style over all else when you do the same exact thing. Every hipster doofus conforms to the same mold of “not conforming.” You are not unique for riding a flat black Royal Enfield or British Cafe Racer when all your friends do the same thing.

  • cWJ

    Will there be a XR883 anytime soon?

    It would be nice if HD could design a bike that at least starts under 500lbs…

  • Steve

    Wow, you guys are all a bunch of pansies. Do I hear a little envy in your messages? Can’t afford a big boy grown up bike so have to play with the 1/2 ass cheap jap ride, so long as the trip only has to be 30 or so miles. Like em or not,Harleys are the source (along with Goldwings and BMWs) of the greatest number of real riders. I’m not talking guys with a look or an attitude, I mean guys that get on and ride for hundreds or thousands of miles every time they are on the bike.

    Steve – 2002 fatboy – 86,500 miles.

  • BWF

    I’ve been riding bikes for several years now. My first was a classic 1975 CB200T that I bought and built from the ground up. I have a strong passion for vintage bikes, specially Honda’s. It annoys me to hear people make judgements on the owners of these new Harleys. I just bought my Iron 883 last week, yet I know my way around a shop and tool box just as well as most “real” motorcycle enthusiast. Just because one decideds to buy a new bike doesn’t make him any less of a motorcycle enthusiast than the person with a “bobbed out” vintage XS (the Civic of bobbers). All I’m saying is don’t judge a owner simply by what bike he rides. For all you know the guy with the brand new Harley may have been turning wrenches for decades now. “Why can’t we all just get along” HAHA

  • justin

    jesus christ, all you people bitching and moaning “my internet/motorcycle cock is way bigger than yours”

    who gives a fuck. if you like it, ride it. if you don’t like it, don’t ride it. you guys are no better than the “williamsburg hipsters” that have to “out-indie” the next guy. “im way more awesome and into bikes because /i/ don’t ride a /lame/ /harley/….” or “my harley isn’t lame, its not matte……”

    who gives a fuck. ride what you like.

    i for one am going to get the 883 and slap a 1200 in it. why? because i like black, i don’t like chrome (hell, i never had any chrome on my BMX bikes as a kid either) and its 8 grand.

  • JamesH.

    The Iron and the Nightster may not be the best names but as a first time (licensed) rider I went with the 883 for it’s different & blacked-out look. I’m not into chrome or bright candy paint schemes or stretching it out but I do appreciate the creations other riders have made out of their own bikes. It’s simple, fun to ride, and has impressed a few streetbike riders. It’s a bike I am really happy with for the type of riding I do. If it’s not your style, or not what you like, ride something else. It’s all about riding, right?!

  • Chris B.

    I’ve never had any experience on a Motorcycle yet. Which is why I’m going to take one of those approved Saftey Classes to learn how to ride competently, be safe, and eventually get licensed.

    I’ve been looking at good Bike recommendations online for First-timers like me. When I saw the new Iron 883 Sportster, I knew that this is the Harley that I want to be riding once I go through the proper channels. I’ve looked at the Honda Shadow, and it just doesn’t have that “Flash” that the Iron 883 has.

    I just don’t think I’d ever feel comfortable on a Big Heavy bike. So the Iron 883 has great appeal to me. I can always upgrade the motor to a 1200cc later on. Should the need arise =-) Once I’ve got enough experience to handle it.

    Since I’m short at 5’6″ and 160 lbs; I figured the best bike to start out with is = A lighter one that I can handle. I’m so excited to go to the HD Shop and check it out sometime =-)

  • http://www.virgil.kaulius.com Virgilijus Kaulius

    Coffee should be black as hell,
    dark as night, and
    sweet as love!

    Nothing changed on this planet since
    Adam left Eve…lol!

    If ever we can isolate personal subjective
    opinion from informed opinion, humankind
    will make progress that in fact
    the world is not flat, after all (!)

    So, I like HD as I like a Kawi Meanstreak now:
    it’s all taste. Beyond that, it’s next
    competion. Beyond that for the few that
    migrate that far, it’s maturity. Where
    we don’t knock our neighbour but
    respect h/her choice(s). And smile!
    That produces positive enzyme reaction
    in our DNA. Thus we live longer, so
    that we can Ride longer!

    PS: Love the great interchange: hey, that’s
    Democracy! Great writing by most: loved it!!!
    And I pray HD survives: the name is Legend!
    Some like to own a part of history!

  • Mike

    Can’t you people stop wasting you’re time arguing on these websites and just get on your bike (whatever it is) and get with some friends (no matter what they ride) and just hit the friggin pavement. Harleys, Hondas, Suzukis, Yamahas, Vespas, hell even Huffys are cool with me because your not in a cage. Can’t we all just shut up and ride!

  • http://rhymesandreasons.honda.com/story Nicole Mickey Factz Ripsy

    Much love – much love for this. Can’t but help remind me of the best up and coming in my opinion, Mickey Factz who’s raps is crackin!

  • Lance

    I read this post and had to laugh. What is “cool”? Everyone has their on idea. I just think that so many are trying to slam Harley because they are successful and have been for a 100 years. There isn’t another bike company that can even compare. These so called “sport” bikes are just a fad and will fade away…

  • Josh

    I want this bike even more now after reading this idiocy. When douchers like this say they hate the bike it becomes another reason for me to buy it. These hipster d-bags who sit around and talk crap about peoples bikes are pathetic. It comes from other Harley riders too who try to say this is a “girls” bike. If you’re buying a bike to be “cool” and “different” you’re fooling yourself. Your custom bike is blending in with the millions of others spawned from the popularity of Orange County Choppers tv show. Besides haven’t we had enough of the chrome yet? I’m buying this bike because its just a bike. No B.S. Just bike.

  • Andy

    I brought this bike 3 weeks ago for a povo pack bike you can’t go past it.
    Its good to ride and a good laugh.
    Its not for everyone but it makes you smile and thats what it should do.

  • MikeA

    Also meant to say that the Sportster comes with a rear disk brake vs. the drum brakes most of the other “more advanced” Japanese competitors have on their entry cruisers.

  • dez

    i like this bike i can ride round scarein the black folks in my nabourghood.