Honda goes all JJ Abrams for Fury teasers

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Honda_Fury_viral.jpgHonda is taking a leaf straight out of JJ Abrams’ playbook with a series of cryptic, menacing viral promotional videos for the upcoming Honda Fury. Featuring children seemingly possessed by some sort of demon that manifests itself in lame tattoos and shot in an overly shaky, handheld style, you’d be forgiven for thinking that the Fury was some sort of B horror film. It’s not, it’s a sadly conventional factory chopper.

I mean, we get what Honda’s going for here — the looming entry of some
sort of menacing force — but you’ve got to back up this kind of hype
with a product that meets expectations. With words like “power,”
“unstoppable force,” and “consume” being used on the microsite, we’d
really expect something fast, powerful, innovative and intimidating.
From what we can tell from the patents, the Fury just isn’t that
product. Maybe something more akin to the 197bhp Yamaha VMax would have
better lived up to expectations.

We’ll be bringing you live shots of the Fury from its official unveiling in New York next Friday.

Honda via Hojnyheter

  • mototom

    Oh please, this is also so derivative that it gives new meaning to the phrase terminally hip. If the damn thing had any creds at all none of this would be necessary. Whats next, Linda Blair hacking up a Fury while an RC priest flails himself with the OCC style manual? Frankly I’d rather watch ads for adult incontinence products. Do us all a favor and don’t publish the pics. Honda US guys should be totally embarassed by their efforts.

  • mjk

    wait wait wait… what do we actually expect from the world’s biggest corporations, with development runs which are years ahead of launches? technological innovation, yes, but to be anything but way behind in the style game? I’m just glad the whole OCC scene is being dealt this mortal blow… long live Deus & Co

    as for the ads, tatooing babies works for me – if Honda thinks this will help middle aged merchant bankers convince their wives that biking really is a socially acceptable past-time, they are wrong and Fury sales are already stillborn. Thanks, Honda, for getting something so wrong this tiny bit right

  • Sam

    MJK, I hadn’t thought of that but now you mention it I totally agree this won’t help Mr Banker get a bike. It’s hard to know what it is about even, is the Honda Fury the top search for Fury on google? If not this is going to go a bit wrong.

    Given that there are so many lovely things about riding a bike why did they have to resort to trying to be clever and failing.


  • thomashenny

    I’m still perusing these…

  • Frank

    I f*cking hate the “talking baby” advertising theme. No imagination, mixed message at best. I hated it when Quizno’s did it a couple years ago, and many others have copied it since.
    I think mjk is right about production run though, once they give it the green light, they’re committed for at least a couple years. Maybe they’ll sell ‘em in China….or the mid west.

  • Sasha Pave

    I think it’s safe to say there aren’t many HFL readers who are potential Fury customers. People here have too much heritage for a hodad like the Fury. So of course the marketing isn’t going to resonate.

    I’m impressed Honda’s M/C agency was able to even pull this off. I’d expect Honda brand managers to be pretty strict, shit there’s not even a Honda logo anywhere, or even mention of Honda.

    You’ve gotta give them at least an ounce of credit for not creating another ‘cruiser parked in front of an urban dive bar and some dude with a goatee’ print ad. I’m sure one is coming next however.

    Plus the kid’s adorable :)