Honda Monkey re-launched in Japan

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Honda_Monkey_2.jpgHonda has launched a refreshed version of the cult Monkey bike in Japan. The impetus behind the new model is the addition of fuel injection, which was necessary to meet increasingly stringent emissions regulations. Also present are slightly cleaner looks and bold new graphics.
Honda_Monkey_1.jpgThe addition of fuel injection takes power for the 50cc four-stroke,
single-cylinder engine up to 3.4bhp and results in fuel economy of
252mpg when traveling at a constant 18.6mph.

Honda_Monkey_3.jpgA limited edition Monkey will also be available with chrome accents and a tartan seat cover.

Honda Japan

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  • Charlie

    It’s about time somebody started producing a decent pit bike again. When do we get one in the states?

  • contender

    Plates and Signals…is this thing street legal?

  • cdwrx

    I love the BNG!

  • Jonesy

    It was street legal on the fist release in the US a LOOOOOOOOONNNNNNNGGGGGGG Time ago… but probably wont be this time due to stupid US restrictions… Hopes though! We’ll probably get a limited shot in the US in 2010 or 2011 for 1 maybe 2 seasons

  • Philip

    Upside down forks – nice!!! :)

  • JW

    This would be awesome for my daily commute.

  • Spoon

    Ok, I feel this will just lead to rampant packs of monkey bike gangs roaming the streets intimidating small mammals. Oh the horror!

    Aside from that, I want one, in red.

  • Sam

    That looks pretty sweet! For about 3,300 bucks, I would definitely have one in my garage.

  • Enthusiast

    Chinese companies have been making US street legal clones of the monkey and trail 90 for some time now. The FI is nice since you don’t ride a bike like this often. No more carb overhauls! These bikes a big cult following esp. in Japan.

  • Dan

    If you all want to learn about the Monkeybike, check out and learn about the history.

  • Aldo

    Ma quando arrivera’ in Italia ?

  • Matt McSweeney

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