Mike Charlton edges closer to 500mph

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Mike_Charlton_jetbike.jpg500mph is an ambitious goal for anyone, but especially a construction worker from Ohio. For some perspective, that’s 140mph faster than the current motorcycle land speed record holder, the Top 1 Ack Attack Streamliner. We’re going to go out on a limb and assume Mike Charlton is operating on a slightly smaller budget, so how does he plan to achieve his goal? With a 10,000bhp Westinghouse jet engine. Now, he’s one step closer thanks to a completed set of billet aluminum wheels.
Charlton_Wheels_1.jpgSince there isn’t a set of tires in the world that’ll withstand speeds
of this kind, these wheels are made to roll across the Bonneville Salt
Flats without them. The fins provide directional stability as they dig
into the salt.

Charlton_Wheels_2.jpgMike’s hoping to make it out to Bonneville this fall. We can’t wait to
see him run and we’ll keep you updated as the 500mph jet bike gets
closer to completion. 

  • http://artistruth.livejournal.com will

    God speed and good luck, you magnificent son of a bitch. Living the dream for the rest of us.

  • ace

    hate to say it but those fins will melt pretty quickly from the friction. I recommend a serious airbag…

  • David

    I strongly suggest experimentation before going all the way with the jet engine. See if a motorcycle can even go 100 mph on wheels like that. Then try 200 mph. Then streamline, etc.

    It looks like too much design, and not enough experimenting. That’s what usually leads to failure in creative projects.

    Take it step by step…

  • Chris

    All of that testing is where the money comes in. Hell… is he gonna do it himself? If not then I’ll be first in line for the Q&A test rider.

    Who’s going to take care of the engine? More importantly, does it fire up?

  • Chris

    Sorry about that. I just read the story. Any chance this can be removed from the record?

  • Tom

    Good lad, Art Arfons would be proud. Good luck and I look forward to more news.

  • Jody

    no gots. no glory. i say go for it !

  • marvo ging

    Great project!Good luck.
    I wouldnt give much for the longetivity of those wheel fins either. They could melt, wear down, or dent and bend. Any contingency for refurbishment after each run?
    Testing will tell.
    Go like the wind!!

  • Dave

    Those wheels should do just fine. He didn’t just pull the idea from his butt, solid aluminum wheels with no tires are what other jet powered land speed vehicles use.

  • ace

    not saying aluminum wheels are a bad idea, but those fins are. see these for reference, and notice the lack of thin protruding fin (designed to penetrate the surface I assume?): http://www.bloodhoundssc.com/car/wheels.cfm

  • freddy

    Go for it Bro!

  • ehpawk

    ace: I do not think the fin is a very bad idea. It also says in the article you posted that it was uncontrollable on the salt and the ran it at Blackrock on a softer alkali surface.

    Good luck Mike!

    I really hope to be attending bonneville this year, I am trying to con my father into going with me. Will the HFL crew be there?

    • http://hellforleathermagazine.com Wes

      Quite possibly. Stay tuned.