Photo Finish: Superman

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Photo: Grant Ray

2003. New Orleans. JT Nesbitt demonstrates the structural stability of a prototype bench seat nicknamed the “ironing board.”

  • hoyt

    I admire the compactness of that drivetrain.

  • nick

    do you have to wear he 3D glasses for it to work?

  • Troy Smith

    What bike is that? Looks very cool.

  • will

    It’s a 90s Confederate isn’t it?

    What BOOTS are those?

    • Grant

      That’s a 2003 F124 Hellcat, Will.

  • JR

    That’s like a really badass street-tracker with the long seat like that.


  • thomashenny

    There’s a video of Brad Pitt on one that had starting problems.

  • james

    Demonstrates the structural rigidity of his wiener.

  • dave

    Now, to those of us who are friends of JT’s, That’s some funny stuff right there!

    ‘Structural rigidity’ indeed! Hahaha!

    Nice one, james.