Ross Lovegrove Ridon reveals sex in carbon

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Know how a really well designed motorcycle can evoke a certain element of sexual desire? Ross Lovegrove, the self-important designer of the Sony Walkman, does and he’s both captured that feeling and taken it to an extreme with “Ridon” this carbon fiber motorcycle sculpture.
A part of his current “Primordial” exhibition at Istanbul’s Gallerist,
Ridon joins other examples of Lovegrove’s work, all of which have
seemingly been chosen for their ability to combine materials typically
used on motorcycles with shapes that are at once bike-influenced and
sinuously, exotically appealing.

Lovegrove’s work adapts the materials of speed — carbon fiber, aluminum
and other metals — into an exaggerated expression of their appeal.
“Primordial” is a good way to describe the emotions this work summons. Check out the Cetacea lounge for an example. Clearly based on the seat and tank area of a motorcycle, the points where a rider joins the bike, it perverts that shape with flesh-like curves and provacative holes.

Our favorite piece is, of course, Ridon. Ostensibly a rider and
motorcycle traveling at speed, it wraps the two into one amorphous
shape that’s full of appealing curves and tantalizing cavities. Carbon
fiber is the most speed-evoking material we can think of, but
Lovegrove’s hand has revealed a hidden beauty that we never before new

Ross Lovegrove via The New Cafe Racer Society

  • John Q

    are you sure those are supposed to be motorcycles?

  • ace

    uhhhh…whatever. Slow day, huh?

  • sam

    off topic true, but still pretty cool. looks like the vfr concept ha

  • Arrgh

    “self-important designer” is almost spot on. Artist would be more appropriate I have always thought. A designer ‘designs’ something for a purpose with parameters, an artist comes up with pretty shapes.

    Self important though is perfect. The bloke is a bullshit merchant of the highest order who I hold nothing but contempt for (along with many designer colleagues).

  • mototom

    “reveals sex in carbon”, huh? Well, I’ll have to give it a try but not sure if it will be as much fun as sex in cellophane

  • ep

    which one is supposed to be a motorcycle again? i see what might be a table and some blobs of plastic that remind me of some of the things I made in my intro to 3D modeling class, but no bikes.

    • Wes

      the one that looks exactly like a motorcycle.

      • ep

        ha. thanks.

      • ep

        wait, i lost it.


        perhaps its my lack of self importance getting to me again, but that definitely doesn’t look “exactly” like anything.

        • Wes