Rossi signs €2.5 million sponsorship deal with Monster Energy

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Rossi_wheelie_Australia.jpgPhoto: Gigi Soldano

Responding to Kawasaki’s MotoGP withdrawal, Monster Energy has shifted its sponsorship budget to eight-time world champion Valentino Rossi. The two-year deal is worth €2.5 million ($3.3 million), with an extra €500,000 should Rossi win another championship. It’s not currently known how this new sponsorship will affect Rossi’s deals with existing sponsor FIAT, nor how it will alter the look of his helmet, bike and leathers. We expect details later this week when Monster Energy will issue a formal statement.

via Two Wheels Blog

  • laubinero

    Cool! A Rossi Monster rep R1 anyone?! It could be the blue monster since that’s Yami colors!
    This ought to be interesting

  • sean

    Change “should Rossi when another championship” to “should Rossi win another championship.”

  • Grant

    Saw that. Thanks.

  • Jonesy

    or change it to WHEN rossi wins another championship lol !