Spied: 2010 Ducati adventure tourer

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MCN‘s photographers have managed to snap these photos of the 2010 Ducati adventure tourer, revealing several key details. The machine will be powered by the same water-cooled 1099cc v-twin as the Ducati Streetfighter, using that model as a basis for a taller adventure touring bike.

Update: Motor.nl has a couple of new shots that better reveal the machine’s size and stance. We’ve added them above. Man, that pillion seat is huge. 
It’s not currently known if this machine will replace the Ducati
or Ducati Hypermotard in the range or coexist with them as
a more expensive, more capable alternative. We’re leaning towards the
latter, with this bike possibly replacing the Multistrada, but not the
Hypermotard. As such, we expect the new machine to evolve the
Hypermotard’s styling and capability, specifically its abbreviated
front fender — shown here featuring integrated ram air intakes — and
low-profile sports tires. As evidenced by these pictures of a nearly
completed, but disguised, prototype the new bike will also use a
single-sided swingarm.

Also standing out in the images is the weird exhaust. At first glance
it looks like the Streetfighter’s shotgun setup, but the collector in
front of the rear wheel is new, possibly indicating that the new
machine will use a new, very abbreviated unit almost reminiscent of
that employed on bikes like the 2009 Yamaha R6.

Ducati has already shown this model to dealers, but as yet no pictures
or details have leaked. We expect an official unveiling at November’s
EICMA show in Milan, but if you come across any info or images before
then, please email us (that goes for all news tips by the way).

via MCN

  • DucatWhereHaveYouGone

    I think surely that Ducati has lost its way. And I’m not just saying this as the previous owner of two ST’s. Why is it so hard to make and market a decent Sport Touring bike for this company. It’s obvious from the sales figures that the Hyper and Multi had very short shelf lives (far shorter than the ST), and they don’t even fill the void left from the ST4s.

    C’mon Ducati, just give us a decent sport tourer, and forget this gimicky adventure-styled crap. Also, please stop using plastic tanks that dissolve and deform. Thanks!

  • http://www.norcaldoc.com johnc

    the hypermotard and the multistrada have short shelf lives? what kind of crack are you smoking there DucatWhereHaveYouGone?

    and stop calling me shirley.

  • DucatWhereHaveYouGone

    My comments about shelf life is:

    The Hyper being debuted over a year ago has gone from about 6000 units sold to 4000 this year. A decline of 33% for a one year old model.

    The Multi has been selling about 1200-1400 units a year in the last two years. Also down from about 5-6000 in its first year. This represents a 75% decline (avg) over the ~5 years it has been available.

    The ST series never sold that well max ~3K units per year, but was available for nine years.

    The point being, is that the newer bikes have a shorter shelf life; a limited span before they start to tank in sales. This is becoming a serious problem for Ducati on the non-marquee lines.

    Ducati is chasing trends instead of focusing on bikes that have staying power. But then again, Ducati is also known for pulling spare parts for bikes after just a couple of years. Compared to Honda which may keep spares on hand for 20 years or more.

    Nuf’ rambling for a late though though…

  • koopatroopa

    i wonder if it has some super secret system that keeps it upright at stoplights for riders who are clearly way, way too short to touch both feet down.

  • http://artistruth.livejournal.com will

    Will someone ever make an adventure bike for people under 6’5″?

    • http://hellforleathermagazine.com Wes
    • Mike

      Pfft, will someone make a sport bike for riders over 6ft? BMW K12/1300 S the only thing going?

      Short guys get all the cool rides and I just hate that I can’t fold myself up on anything less than 1K cc.

  • http://artistruth.livejournal.com will

    Is the Versys really an adventure bike? I just figured it more of a neo-standard, like the Triumph Tiger or something.

  • http://www.sideburnmagazine.com Ben Part

    The pillion is not massive me thinks, it’s just that the test rider is a midget. And what’s in his bum bag I wonder? Maybe it’s an airbag for when he falls off at the traffic lights.

  • drjohndee

    Interesting punch-up coming between the R1200GS, Stelvio, Granpasso and this. BMW will probably still win but the other bikes will take chunks out of their sales, and the big GS has basically funded BMW Motorrad for the last few years.

    Personally I’d take a KTM Adventure 990 over any of them.

  • martialstax

    Either that big is huge, or they’re using 10 year-olds as test riders.

  • martialstax

    Bike. “bike is huge”. Damn response system, unable to edit comments. Ruined a perfectly good joke. (It’s much easier to blame the website than my own inattention.)

  • Ken

    I’ve learned something from this article. Get some duct tape and black polystyrene and you too could be in the next issue of MCN.

  • Rocco

    Though I am sure there are many that won’t agree, I just don’t understand the draw of an Adventure Touring machine. Touring bikes, while not my bag, make sense for those people who like to ride cross-country on something other that can let them appreciate some twisties (a non-cruiser) but is anyone really taking a $17,000, 440 Kg bike “off-road?” If you ask me (not that anyone would) if Ducati wants to try something new how about a more practical 695 Motard. The HUGE motor, 190HP direction motorcylces seem to continue to go towards seems just silly to me.

  • http://www.motorcyclenews.com Sam

    The rider is tiny, the photographer who took the photos said he was minuscule.

    Sam (the one who used to have the blog about saving up for a Triumph)

  • Steve

    surely this is a joke right?
    why would ducati go from a pure class act (well mannered and well dressed) diplomat, the ST, to flavor of the month basement special which no one could live with (looks only a mother could love)for any extended period of time, what I mean to say is this is a piece of shit which I would not park in MY garage even for a mate, this is a disgrace for a company of such caliber, shame on you. All my life from the 80′s 900 Pantah and SS days Ducati has produced nothing but innovation quality and instant baring up (hard on)bikes which leave a lasting impression of lusting but unfortunately for the enduro brigade my favorite brand has certainly left a great to be desired, the only enduro that rocks my boat is the Hyper the rest of the off road is sorry to say but simply shit,cut your loses now and build something with class something that could bear the David Brown or Mr Enzo’s badge, something that will not embarrass us, yes this is embarrassing,to me a fellow Ducati owner and proud of it well up until multi and this piece of I don’t know what.
    PS Mr Ducati I know you know that motorcycle owners own more than one bike give us all something to be proud of, and hopefully this may reflect in our sheds.I know you can’t deposit hope into a bank but this should be done with dignity.

  • SteveG

    I can’t Help it I love my 04 St4s. I have had it for over two years now. But times are changing, friends at work, brother in law who is a beemer fan. All are looking at the benifits of owning a adventure bike. Before I purchased my Duc, I was told why don’t you get a adventure bike? Today I was looking at a KTM 990. I have always kind of liked them. Motorcycle Consumer News wrote a favorable Comparison on the bike, saying it did well in the dirt and can handle the twistes well also. I have been to MotoGp races here in Socal and you see them all the more. I was excited to see a spy photo of the new bike, but was hoping for more of the legendary styling of the Cagiva Elefant/Explorer of the 1994 era. This is what KTM copied.Take the wheels of the Classic GT and lace up some biger rims and put it on the future Adventure Ducati!Also put a real two up seat on it!

  • SteveG

    Forgot one important thing to also add to the list Ducati. Included in the purchase price, side hard bags like the ST came with that can fit a helmet would be a great sales point. Do all this and I and i know others will be at the door waiting.