Urban Rider launches bike clothing web store

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Urban_rider.jpgLike the motorcycle clothing, helmets and safety gear you read about here on Hell for Leather, but have trouble finding them in stores? You’re in luck, because Urban Rider has just launched a web store that’s full of cool bike gear. Will and Andrew, the guys behind it, read about new items like the limited edition white and gold Givi X.01 helmet and Belstaff waxed cotton jacket, then stock them in their store. While Urban Rider is based in London, it’ll ship worldwide. Buyers from outside the EU can subtract the tax (17.5%) from the price and the Pound is incredibly low against the Dollar right now, so there’s some great deals to be had.

Urban Rider

  • Pam

    Seriously? The women’s t-shirts are all over 60 USD!!

    • http://hellforleathermagazine.com Wes

      yes, but the Belstaff gear is oh so cheap.

  • garth

    cheap? maybe for you guys in the USA….

  • Mark

    Tax is 15% now, they changed it to help the economy apparently, it hasn’t worked

  • http://www.urbanrider.co.uk urbanrider

    @ Wes and Grant, thanks for the shout.

    @ Pam, Johnson Motors is a US company so will be cheaper to buy in the US.

    The brands we stock that are made in Europe and the Far East will be very good value with the £ being so weak.

    Cheers, Will

  • pablo

    Great I’ve been looking for somewhere that sells Belstaff jackets for less then the cost of my bike. And now there is one. Cheers !

  • Ben(pi)

    Hey urbanrider – Are you guys able to special order other Belstaff stuff, or will you just be carrying / selling whats on your site?

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  • Travis

    Fantastic shop. I stopped in on the weekend when I was in London and purchased a few items.

    I can’t say enough for these. Great experience and service.