Victory Core concept simplifies performance cruisers

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The main emphasis of the Victory Core concept is it sand cast aluminum frame. Supporting the engine, serving as the airbox, fuel tank and giving the Core its distinct look. Hence the name.
The Core is powered by 1731cc Victory Freedom stage 2 engine providing 97bhp and 113lb/ft of torque. We’re a bit perplexed by its lack of rear suspension, which would seem to remove the “performance” from performance cruiser, but are relieved to see a skinny 150-70-18 rear tire in place of the typically oversized cruiser item. That, along with the neat wooden seat and narrow profile lend the Core a welcome delicateness that contrasts extremely well with the big engine and strong frame.

Expect the Core’s design language to be translated to a future production performance cruiser, but also expect that machine to be more conventional and feature rear suspension.


  • ronery

    roasted hamstrings on a bed of crushed kidneys, served with a vintage sciatica. no thanks.

  • e

    coolest looking bike i’ve seen in awhile

  • hoyt

    I like it. This is a welcomed design exercise from an OEM.

    Crushed kidneys will not make it to production and many racers or cafe bikes have similar high mount pipes. (e.g. Eller Industries sport twin).

    There are many options for the exhausts without spoiling the overall look of this bike. Better placement will probably enhance the look.

    This thing would fly in a straight line with triple digit torque and the relatively-speaking light weight

  • bobx

    looks cool, but i doubt the production version would look anywhere as good.

    gotta start somewhere though..

  • Mark

    I like it too; at least Victory only missed the bobber/board track fad by 1-2 years, as opposed to Honda’s chopper. Still, it’s the first Victory that I would consider buying. I think they make good bikes, but they need new styling, and this is a good start.

  • Jon Nystrom

    Yeah, I like it artistically, and the “thrust-to-weight” makes it real speedy, to be sure.
    I’m eager to see where they take it, styling & function-wise, for production, as they’re still really stuck in the pure cruiser niche, unless you count the (kinda sporty) Hammer – this might pull in a few more.

    Honestly, all Victory needs is to draw more attention, and this might help them in that area, generally. They make a find product. I love my 06 Jackpot.

  • thomashenny

    Looks like a Hellcat.

  • Jeremy D'Ambrosio

    Reminds me of Confederates bikes… ALOT

  • Mark

    Adding to my above comment, I wish Victory would be the first to come to the conclusion that V-twins are BORING!!! That is my best wish for them.

  • DoctorNine

    I also am surprised by the hard tail. Looks like it would be easy to put a monoshock in there to me. Plenty of space.

  • Larry

    That is a fine looking motorbike.


    It’s a concept for gods sake!..They can make it look like anything they want…and just use something like the gas tank on the production version…That said, much better looking than that ugly overstyled bagger they made.

    • Brian

      Mission accomplished. Look at all the “chatter” about this bike. Concept bikes are for publicity, not production. Just glad Victory doesnt make bikes to clone Harleys (everyone has a bellybutton/Harley), love my Hammer.

  • Lumpy

    In my opinion Victory needs to spend their time and effort on 2 things.

    1. Build a Vegas platform bike with downgraded finishes and maybe some cheaper components and sell it for $10,500. If people could buy a real American big twin for that price it would bring lots of Sportster and Japanese cruiser buyers over to Victory.

    2. A quick release system for so that all tourpack/passenger seat & sissybar stuff is easy on and off… Then have Arlen design a cool quick release fairing. Put on the touring gear, ride it where you’re going, take off the fairing and tourpack and throw them in the hotel room. Viola! Solo bagger for the week. Snap the touring gear back on, pack the bike, and ride it home. I wonder if versatility would sell?

  • will

    I can see Victory doing something like an American V-Max; I think there’s a market for it and they’re already started in the right direction. If they diversified a bit they’d get more attention.

  • o j simpson

    cool concept bike. Like the car companies do, these exercises are to get a reaction to some parts of the design. The upper frame/gas tank might be the future shape of their next bikes….I like the way it frame is tucked in for an air intake.

  • elux Troxl

    First Victory I have seen that I would consider buying. But just for an around town scoot.

    • Lumpy

      That’s the thing, You can’t buy one. It will never be a production bike. It’s a concept, a conversation piece, a novelty item…

  • MP


  • Rufus

    Looks exactly like a Confederate Motors knock-off. So much for Victory’s “fresh, new approach.” They, like other big American bike makers are only 5-10 years behind the curve.