Yamaha YZF-R125 Cup gives Italian teens a shot

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Yamaha Italy has announced a new race series for 14 to 18-year-olds with no prior racing experience. The Yamaha YZF-R125 Cup will use race-kitted bikes complete with a 180cc bore, race plastics and an exhaust. We’re as impressed with the transformative effect those modifications have had on the littlest R as we are with Yamaha Italy’s commitment to grass roots racing.
The subtraction of the plate hanger and blank headlights lend the
previously gangly bike svelte new looks. It’s a shame the 2009 Yamaha
doesn’t look more like this.

Entrants to the series will be given race lessons and subsidized
motorcycle purchases, while the winner will be given a ride in the
Italian Superstock 600 series.

via Motoblog

  • Remy

    As a light, skinny dude I’ve really been wanting to take one of these or an Aprilia RS125 to the track for a day just to see if I could pass a 600 or two.

  • http://www.arkriders.com laubinero

    Dear Yamaha please bring this bike to the US!!!!
    I will buy 2!!!! One for me and one for my son….the new R1 isn’t intended to look svelte…it has a beast look to it…and from the reviews that came into today the 09 R1 is the bike to be on in 09!

  • geonerd

    ditto ditto. why don’t we have these bikes here in the US? it’s like the whole fuel efficient diesel thing. everyone is so obsessed with fuel efficiency and the best we can do is a hybrid that still only averages slightly better than 50mpg. whereas in europe they’ve been driving diesels that get 80mpg easy. no tricky batteries needed.

  • Sam

    That is such a sexy bike! Yamaha should really get in to the beginner bike market. Their 125s look ten times better than Kawi’s 250r.

  • Baggos

    It seems like a good move from Yamaha…But if we wanna talk about suberbikes under 600cc,i think that the two_strokes are way better than this…Personaly,when i had to choose which i woull buy,i chose a Aprilia Rs125 07′…It is way better than the yamaha in enery aspect…Although i like very much the looks of the R125 CUP…But i like my RS’s better… :)

  • http://www.yamahar125.com YAMAHA R125

    i hope more races for R125 bikers are in line
    so that this bike will become a mainstream bike just like R6

  • Batous9

    I have a yamaha r125 and its a great bike to learn on, though they need to sell the road version of this bike with the malossi 180cc bore kit or just make the bike a 250.