2008 Red Bull KTM RC 125 bikes for sale

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Remember when we told you that KTM was selling their gorgeous little RC 125 race bikes for $35K? And how we thought that was pretty cheap for barely outdated Grand Prix tech? Now that the series has been cancelled thanks to the End of the (fiscal) World, you can pick up one of 24 refurbished “Ready to Race” 2008 Red Bull Rookies Cup KTM RC 125 race bikes starting a mere $13,900. 13 year olds can now taunt their lead-eating 12 year old siblings in the most awesomely cruel way imaginable.

All sales, service and parts will be handled by HMC Racing.
HMC Racing

  • http://www.motorcyclenewsguy.com Motorcyclenewsguy

    Oh, man, one of these things would be so much fun to flog around a track. Sure, you can’t blast out of a corner like you can on a literbike, but you could really come much closer to riding it at the limit. Fun fun fun.

  • Ben(pi)

    It’s nice to see the price come down. They were asking $25k with a spares package last month. Anybody want to buy an RVF400 project?

    • russell

      what do you wanr for the rvf400 and what shape is it in , thanks russell

  • http://setthemfree.tumblr.com Sasha Pave

    “taunt their lead-eating 12 year old siblings ” LOL, best line ever!

    Never underestimate the cornering speed of these little bastards. I was able to train on a friend’s f3 and never had more fun: http://redirx.com/?sg0w