Aprilia assists sperm donation

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Aprilia_RSV1000R_Factory_sperm.jpgSperm donation is often overlooked in the world of charitable giving but is, nonetheless, an important cause. Sperm donors help infertile couples or single women who can’t convince their friends to have sex with them for procreation purposes have babies, thus defying the cruel reality of natural selection. So we think it’s admirable that Aprilia has chosen to support sperm donors worldwide, better enabling them to make bountiful contributions. It’s also great to see a company integrating is charitable work so well into its products. Who’d have thought that just building really sexy motorcycles would be enough to help medical science?>

  • nick r


  • http://weroam.wordpress.com Darek

    You know that was aired in Europe.

  • Tino C

    No it was not. It did not make through Aprilia executives’ approval.

    However, there is a similar magazine ad by BMW, which was published in EU. The ad is about a guy making love to a girl and her face is covered by a Series 3 photo. :-D

  • http://www.oliepeil.nl Highsider

    That one has been around for ages! The newest one on this subject is Jorge Lorenzo promoting condoms (http://www.oliepeil.nl/archief/2009/02/niet_duur/)

  • Larry Kahn

    My name is Larry and I’m a motosexual. For awhile now. I live in a California college town and I can sense my various reactions at the sight of the many fine young things around here are the same sensations as seeing the right bikes. Usually Ducati’s. And getting a new sexy bike is easier and cheaper and much less hassle than a new girlfriend. So be it.

  • Zac H

    This is extra funny to me since I paid for my Triumph by donating sperm. I was making $400 a month. Enough to easily make my payments and then some. Its really worth considering. That and you win at evolution.