Aprilia RSV4 hits wind tunnel

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nakano-wind-tunnel.jpgShinya Nakano and the Aprilia RSV4 are working to refine their aerodynamics in last minute wind tunnel tests. Nakano reports already excellent results for the motorcycle, but hopes to tweak his riding position for better results in time for the first Superbike World Championship race at Australia’s Phillip Island on March 1.
“We conducted several tests on my riding position, making the last
little adjustments to obtain the best possible aerodynamics. The data
that we collected will work to bring new solutions during the course of
the season,” said Nakano.

The team plans to continue to development work throughout the season,
early indications are that the brand new RSV4 will need some work to be
competitive with Max Biagi and Nakano finishing 11th and 12th
respectively in a simulated Superpole during preseason testing at
Portimao. Troy Corser, on the equally new BMW S1000RR, finished sixth.

via Aprilia News

  • Jonesy

    Love me Some V4 Power

    • Ben

      100% Agreed. Make the magic happen, Aprilia. :)

      • Derek

        And for alot less scratch than a Desmosedici!

  • bruceleroy

    they’re going to need some slicked up aero to be competitive at philip island. GP bikes approach 200mph there. i’d think the narrower engine would give aprilia an aero advantage over the I4′s.

  • http://www.peterlombardi.com Peter Lombardi


  • http://pcol.free.fr/desmo16 Pierre Col

    The RSV4 has to be compared with japanese sportbikes, not to the Desmosedici RR, which is really a totally stunning bike. 50+ friends of mine, all experimented bikers and mainly Ducati superbike pilots, have tested my bike. They ALL were amazed, ifnot blasted :-)

    It’s a very good GT bike as well, may be better than a Ducati ST : mine has already 10500 km on the tacho, including a 5000 km road trip across France in 2 weeks : see

    Raymond Roche, former GP500 top pilot and Superbike World champion has tested my Desmosedici, see : http://pcol.free.fr/desmo16/raymondroche/

  • http://artistruth.livejournal.com will

    What angle is the V4 at?

  • http://motovation.wordpress.com pete

    it’s 65 deg