Belstaff releases Benjamin Button jackets for charity

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Belstaff has rounded off their Fall/Winter 2009 fashion lineup with a release of limited editions of all three jackets worn by Brad Pitt in The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. The cheapest of the three starting at $1205, the coats are only for those not affected by Great Depression Part II. That said, we’re happy to know part of the proceeds from each jacket sold will go to Pitt’s Make It Right Foundation, aimed at rebuilding the Lower Ninth Ward in New Orleans.

All three jackets, the Panther, Blouson and Shearling, were pulled directly from Belstaff’s archives for the film and have been constructed with the original patterns at hand. The only bone we have to pick is the lack of safety armor. While perfectly rugged and safe jackets for their time, we’d be happy with a little modernity.

Okay, two bones. We’d also love a ballpark figure of just what Belstaff means when they say “proportion of sales.” We know Belstaff is perfectly legitimate, but we’re a little jaded thanks to good folks like Bernie Madoff and Allen Stanford.

Belstaff via Cyril Huze

  • Zeitgeist

    These are pretty standard jackets for riding companies with the exception of the shearling. The others are classics, TT style with 4 pockets and the flight jacket style pretty common and easy to find for a lot less the 1250.00. Vanson does them for about half that give or take a couple of bones and if you want any custom sizes or changes. They are nice but you got it right with the GDII hitting who is gonna buy them?

  • Yuri

    So, um, does that Indian have the throttle on the left side? If not, Mr. Pitt’s about to have a little get-off.

    • JR

      I had the same question, maybe the photo/video got mirrored at some point.


  • thomashenny

    I’ll stick with my Junya Watanabe Vanson.

  • geonerd

    bah, if you really want to help someone, volunteer time, not money. if, however, all you need is the “portion of all proceeds goes to charity x” disclaimer to justify spending 12 bills on a piece of fashion, then fewer details are probably better for you.

    in the meantime i’ll stick to functional gear, not being an enormous poser, and still looking good.

  • will

    Honestly, if you were in the market to be an enormous poser, going with a Belstaff jacket like that wouldn’t be a bad way to go.

    • geonerd

      seriously. shockingly pretensious. it hurts my eyes in the same way the japanese handbags from last week did.

  • Larry Kahn

    Yes, Indians had a left hand throttle. Why? Some say it’s so the cops could have used their pistols. Sounds a bit bogus but?

    • Car Blog

      Yup thats all bogus. Cops cant shoot when they are stationary and you expect them to do that when they are riding.

  • v

    the panther looks nice and could be good as a casual jacket as well but the price..omg..belstaff has turned into this fashion label with “biker” heritage
    if anybody is looking for nice vintage styling and excellent quality than schott is probably the answer…i am still saving for one of the horhide jackets they sell and they have some excellent designed out there and priced accordingly at around 500-600 $ which is around right..
    btw fox creek makes some really nice quality stuff made in the usa and they sell for a bit less
    i have a feeling that bellstaff jackets aren’t even made in the uk anymore

  • Steve

    Indians had the throttle on the left, because the ignition control/spark advance was on the right in earlier models. Then they wound up just sort of leaving it there in later years.

  • thomashenny

    According to my screener copy from the Academy, that scene in the film was just under 5 seconds and I’m sure it wasn’t impossible for him to take his hand off the throttle for that moment to look cool, whichever side the throttle was on. I’m sure we’ve all had our hand off while in neutral to re-adjust, pick our nose, wave or whatever.

    As far as the jackets, the only thing Belstaff has going for itself is the cut of the jacket, as Schott and other American brands cut their jackets for guys who are fat and have short arms.

    Go to the bike shop across from Da Silvano on 6th ave. and you can get a Belstaff on the cheap.

  • Belstaff

    The panther is a beautiful jacket… they can fetch up to 1000 euros nowadays..

    here is a very good example of one -

    bye :)