Benelli Due 756 spied in Italy

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This is the long overdue Benelli Due 756 in what appears to be nearly final form. The 756cc parallel-twin is essentially two-cylinders from the company’s 1134cc triple housed in a new chassis. The naked will make around 100bhp and take on bikes like the Kawasaki Z750 and Honda Hornet.
We hope it’s just because this is a preproduction model undergoing
final shakedown testing, but we’re a little nonplussed by the Due’s
styling. Of course, that could be because it’s now been nearly three
years since the Benelli was originally shown in concept form or maybe just
the lack of flashy paint. Expect a debut at EICMA in November and
production to start late this year, making this a 2010 model.

via Motoblog

  • Aaron

    I lust after a Benelli. We really need a dealer in the US.

    On a side note, you guys have quickly become the best biker blog around, keep it up.

    • Wes

      Thanks Aaron. Benelli’s are available in the US, although I’m not sure where from.

    • Jason

      You’re in luck; there are several dealers along both coasts.

      • Aaron

        I’ve looked into them already and there are a handful of dealers who will import them for you. No factory dealer means no support network and spare parts would have to be ordered from Europe.

        You can get just about any bike imported but they still aren’t really sold here.

  • Paul

    I don’t understand why would this model need to be spied, if it was presented officially at the EICMA Milano Motorcycle Show in Nov 2008, right at the Benelli stand, with the exact design as the one seen in the pics above. I’ve personally spoke with the Benelli marketing director and he confirmed me that was the final form of the bike soon to be sold.

    You can see some pics here for comparison

    • Wes

      I confirms that the bike is, in fact, on the way after years of delay and that it looks just like the “concept” in the image you link to.

  • geonerd

    if ugly pretty is what they were going for, Benelli FTW.

    -100 for the parallel twin, though. gack!

  • will

    Is the rider enormous or is the bike really compact? It looks like the opposite of that tiny-rider Ducati adventure bike spied a few weeks ago.

  • Ben

    I’m all for creativity, but that headlight is awful.

  • SpaceWeasel

    I love these smaller nakeds. Let’s see… BMW f800r, Triumph Street Triple R, this Benneli. I’d be even happier if the prices dropped a bit.

  • Deckard

    I love the way the designer broke up the headstock-to-swingarm frame element. This bike is a feast for the eyes.