Best Buy to sell $12,000 Brammo Enertia electric motorcycle

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The Brammo Enertia electric motorcycle will go on sale in May at five Best Buy stores on the West Coast. The Geek Squad will perform basic repairs in-store, while accessories and upgrades could also be available there. This is something of a coup for Brammo. A single Best Buy location, like the one in West Hollywood, can see 7 million customer visits per year, the same as every single motorcycle distributor in the entire country combined. Brammo would eventually like to sell the Enertia and its upcoming two-seat model at every single one of Best Buy’s 1,200 US locations and even the 1,500 stores located throughout Europe and China.
While we’re incredibly impressed with Brammo’s distribution model,
we’re a bit concerned about the performance of its product. Making
28lb/ft of torque and capable of just 53mph with a range of 45 miles,
the $12,000 Enertia doesn’t sound like it’ll be terribly competitive
with the imminent 2009 Zero S electric supermoto. That bike makes
50lb/ft of torque and weighs 129lbs less than the Enertia. The Quantya
is closer in spec, but is an extremely capable dirt bike; the
Enertia is intended as an on-road commuter only. Both bikes are at
least $1,000 cheaper than the Enertia.

Still, with unrivalled visibility to a new customer base, the Brammo Enertia
could be an excellent motorcycle for short, day-to-day commutes and
around town riding. As a zero-emissions motorcycle, it’ll not only be
cheap to run, but also capable of busting traffic. We wonder if Brammo
intends to offer interested customers riding lessons and motorcycle
licenses, as the retail location would suggest most customers won’t be
existing motorcyclists.

Brammo plans a two-seater model for release next year. That model will
be capable of 75mph and a 100-mile range. There’s also talk of add-ons
like on-board cameras being thrown open to third party developers and
made available through Best Buy.

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  • geonerd


    7 million customers who will be thinking to themselves “what an amazing ripoff.”

  • kiya

    I don’t understand why anybody would buy this.
    $12k for a bike that goes 50MPH and for only 45 miles?
    It sounds more like an expensive toy for guys that want to add something different to their collection, but selling it at Best Buy lands it at such a mainstream level. The entire thing is a bit puzzling.

    • bushtool

      Especially when you can get a chinese scooter that goes 80 mph for less than $2000.

      Environmentally friendly should not mean economically foolish.

  • sam

    i bet they wont sell any. anybody who has the interest as well as the capital for these things already knows they exist, and that this particular model is not a good value.

  • hoyt

    What is the distinguishing factor(s) between a motorcycle and a scooter for this model? If they could classify it as a scooter then the licensing topic would be removed and it would then fit better into this distribution plan.

    There are gas-powered scooters that have a higher top speed

  • sam

    scooters are limited to 35-40 mph i believe, so that you donnt have to get a liscence

  • Sam

    What does a Segway cost? Can you get them in Best Buy too?


  • Zeitgeist

    I really would trust my life to Geek Squad for service. Shops have a hard enough time to find qualified staff Best Buy pays even less so imagine what skill set will be needed for these?

  • Will

    I love the Enertia. I think it’s plenty capable, the design is world-class but $12,000…pretty steep for a commuter. Hell, that’s a used Smart ForTwo here in a few months. There’s a lot of great two-wheeled commuter bikes out there now that start at half that.

  • thomashenny

    I’m going to pass on this. Sorry but I need some combustion for $12k.

  • Ingo Parkoz

    In Europe you get this Bike for 3980€ including 19% VAT… I gues it’s a far better value..

    • Will

      I don’t think that’s the same bike, man. It has a similar seat and the same headlight, but the swingarm and chain are totally different.

      • Ingo Parkoz

        It’s not the same bike sorry.. my English isn’t so good… I just wanted to say you get a Bike called ELMOTO for… for sure it is a different bike…

  • Matt

    We aren’t the target demographic, guys. With the economy the way it is, the timing is a little poor, but this is meant for gadget geeks who routinely shop at Best Buy. You know the type: the newest TV, Bose everything, 4 kinds of Ipod. Getting them interested and buying will increase the market viability, lower the price (hopefully… maybe), and finance the innovations needed to bring the electric motorcycle to the level where people, like us, who really care about motorcycles will look at them as an actual alternative to a gas bike rather than as a 2nd or 3rd “toy” bike.

  • kenny

    i WILL wait for piaggio hybrid MP3 most definitely! 142mpg, plugin-able, crazy range , and a $3000 lesser price-tag than Brammo, any taker?

  • Chris

    You give me $12,000 and I bet I could make something way more fun, with more performance, and with longer range. Probably with Radio Shack grade parts as well.

    I wonder which is going to be the first E-Bike sold at Newegg.

    For $12K you can pick up a 2008 Ducati 848.

  • David

    Too expensive for ROI. Nobody has 12K laying around to burn on a toy like this…. 6K? At least they would be in the solor system.

    For 12K I think I’d go for a used Duc or BMW.

    And I thought Best Buy went out of business? ;-)

  • Jackie

    I just hope the “early adopters” out there buy enough of these to spark the market into making, more varied models. I’d pay 12 for a road going version of their racebike…but for this scooter, no way. It’s a little too much of a luxury geek item as it is now.

    Side note: Bestbuy really should offer a sanctioned riders training course, using these bikes. Let people learn how to ride, and ride safely, all while falling for the ease of this bike, and they’ll sell a lot more I bet.

  • CCRydah

    Too expensive but a good idea.